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Please. I think also what's interesting these days because a social media, and there's so many it's almost like all the conspiracy. There's are together on message boards now just proving each other. Because to me, that's what most of all the true crime talk on any of those kind of websites are now read it or whatever it's people going. We'll here's this theory and trying to pass that along and people just being like, boom, boom, boom. And having the proof in that. Here's the yearbook. Here's the year. Here's the police report. And that's there's all these people that are now acting like they work for police departments because they can just go through files, and they have the access. It's fascinating. So it's almost like Kerr tailing some of that. I hope so I think as I you know, we live in this. Autumn's razor the most obvious answer is usually the right one. And I think we have this need that that's too obvious. So there's a reason I, you know, what's interesting to me is that the police detectives real season detectives, they're usually working off probability. So they know when a when a we've all heard the nine one one calls where a husband's like, I just came home. My wife, I don't understand my wife, and when they get there, they know that now sometimes this is to the detriment of solving the crime, but the overwhelming majority of the time is they're working off of you know, what I've done this a thousand times. And so we really need to drill down on this guy. I eliminate him because eighty five percent chance this. Guy, and he has a story about a guide rest of Santa Claus coming down the chimney with a machine gun, and he just got home, and he was decided to go and get a hamburger at three in the morning, which he never does drill down on that guy and work off of statistics. I and I think that's why season. Detectives are so good at most the time we've gotten past the days of like the as you said earlier like the Lindbergh kidnapping where. Where the the police and the press show up at the exact same time and everyone's walking around smoking cigarettes, filming it tech touching every touch everything. And Charles Lindbergh is saying I'm taking charge of this case so respect Charles Lindbergh at they let him, and it's just a mess. I also think it's interesting the maybe reversal of that which is those experienced detectives that when they come face to face with a true psychopath don't recognize it because they're the perfect cloaking animal that those they're like we don't like him for it doesn't give he doesn't make the hair on the back of my next stand up, whatever we're comes back. Effect or the and then the opposite is I was in. The husband isn't grieving that the way that they expect someone to grieve. And so they look at the or they look at the husband as the person who did it. He's crying. Right. That's also a mean, that's disturbing. When people have to mourn, a certain your or your murderer. Unfortunately, I mean, they are most of the time. Those people, and then you when you look at the shows later on it's showing to see the footage when later on when when they've later on confessed, and they've they're in they're doing a life sentence. And they finally say I did it and you go back and you look at them saying just want her back. Yeah. I know she's out there Steph. If you can hear me, it's you look at them. And you think I, you know, that's. Do that either. But I feel if you've ever taken a like a scene class in north Hollywood you see that acting in. You're like, no, no, no, this isn't real because it's no one is that good of an actor unless excuse me. I was trained in north excuse me. That is why I'm coming right now. I took those classes to become a merged to become the murder that you want to be. Don't you wanna do you have a head shot? Need to learn how to say Steffi Steffi not the play. Thinker prints off too. That's real creepy. So creepy in your face into a smooth surface. Why I hate and I'm among call so much just the acting is so bad when it someone that's guilty and pretending it's just the most cringing horrifying like people. Don't act like that. When there truly in panic, and I. Outing. I'm dying to thing where we play, you know, three nine one one calls of a husband and two of them. Didn't do it in one did. And can we fucking tell which one didn't do it? You're swearing listen. Offensive. So with my prese. No. But I think that would be also here with you head writer. He's busy Murray. No that would be chilling because we'd all get it wrong. Totally. And and you know, I think I mean imagine being on the jury of a murder case you would and knowing that it must be so hard. Because unless I'm guessing if you're in that experience in the person clearly did it, but whatever sponsor -bility to have to look at people and say, no, they're lying. And so I will help you either be put to death or go to life for prison comes down a lot of times to who can afford a good defense attorney. You know, it's like who has a prosecutor better than the defense attorney because that's that's gonna decide at more than did. You actually do it skews me.

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