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Not a tall slender right hander. yeah it is very deep pretty much straight away. June two page. and it's a little bit low. we see in any number of a press call that but just like this year. red red dials those reputation is that. that **** right at the knees is not likely to be called a strike. Kevin looks the rookie left handed hitter on deck full count now. here's the page. when I found the right. defensive looking cut on a slider eighty seven miles an hour. ready it's about three to page inside almost to the. I was way off the inside. so now. I lead off the wall. to a guy who has a lot of speed we can see the base. the twenty one year old Japanese locks he was more. rather than the workforce by and flied out to left center please over to. lucky zero for four with a couple walks in the series. use the pitch is loan as well Mrs. one ball no strikes are very hard ninety six miles an hour but not doing it for strikes for the most part. the Dodgers have been a great come back to you. as you might expect within a great record as they have. one open. this. challenged in. fast ball maybe at the bell and maybe a little bit above. live in a big swinging strike ninety six miles an hour with some movement on it. one ball one strike PK Hernandez is on deck. again since. men's rooms there's a high drive hello fellow feline and I will be back into the crowd. he was laid out in ninety six model hour fastball there from the stabbing. and I seem to want to roll. one want to strive. on the bag at first with public. so it's nine one. news this is a minor left center on the run is. this war was hit very hard. an excellent job. then he caught up to. one was. actually shaded a little bit in that direction to begin with. what did that bona hundred three miles an hour so. he hit it hard and was a third consecutive fastball. now when he had on his ki K. Hernandez be careful the big..

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