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At seven forty on seven twenty WGN Chicago's smart, speaker, users just say, play WGN radio, and tune in WGN news, time, three o'clock. Let's get to the newsroom and Vic Vaughn. Thank you. Good morning. It's overcast at O'Hare temps holding at Fifty-seven agrees at the airport, expect higher gas prices at the pumps this summer states. Gas tax goes up July first it'll cost seventy three cents in taxes per gallon. It's part of governor Pritzker attempt to balance the state budget. Illinois has raised its gas tax in nearly a decade. It was among the states with NBA states that are imposing the lowest Geck's gas taxes of this increase now. Places Illinois in the top five states crossed the nation with the highest fuel tanks. More rain in the forecast for the mid west not much locally little bit, safter, noon, and this evening, but in some areas, south a little may be too, much a reverse in the midwest are still rising ABC's Kent Martin. Reports from Saint Louis Lacson dams on the Mississippi River north of Saint Louis are closed to traffic and the rivers forecast to reach at second highest crest on record in Saint Louis high waters and a storm overwhelmed. A power station and left downtown. Saint Louis businesses including Busch stadium downtown hotels, without water this weekend. When thousands of visitors were in town for the Stanley Cup playoffs and a series between the cardinals and the Chicago Cubs and vice president Pence is scheduled to visit Oklahoma this week to two or flood damage along the Arkansas river Kent Martin ABC news, Saint Louis Mexican officials taking a page out of President Trump's playbook in recent days utilizing Twitter as a tariff, looms ABC's, Mark Remillard,.

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