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Warren Biden Sanders and come out a higher as well you know maybe five book at a good night last night I want to throw booted you Jim there man yeah done but mayor peak sorry gonna come back to do it another time so it started out for Biden dangers Biden first comes out and then that interest Kamal Harris they put her right next to him like they did last time and it starts with him saying okay gotta go easy on the kid that was very audible right that started the night off for for bite it it is not in a good way because he up there with all the others even the blood zero looks like everybody's grandfather and when you call a fifty seven year old woman kid that's stuck in a regular job now your name it is it's not a you know it's it's it's not a good way to kick it off and it got out it doesn't really work it wasn't so bad I mean it was better I think it was better this time out that he was well it's hard to be worse yeah he was just completely does just push Michael than the first one but yes big trouble ahead that's why I go to sleep leave a bad job surprise it in a way I'm out of bed I looked up to two that guy is ready to go.

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