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He now says he was wrong the incoming that then incoming head of the canadian medical association said our healthcare system is quote imploding close quote okay so you have a basketball player named steve nasty from canada who quoting all these people and field it is a really bad idea for americans to adopt universal health coverage that's why he wanted to play in america that's why he didn't want to play in canada that's why he moved his family here yacht of luxury gift see there by the way the lefty so if you just now joining me i'm not saying it all this happened he the lefty but i'm just saying hypothetically a white player in the nba from canada aware of the canadian healthcare system field it's a bad idea for america the land of the free home of the brave to move in a collective with in a collectivist fashion and said so and referred to president barack obama who get signed obamacare as a bomb what do you think would happen there are some uh nba players who have members in the military okay let's poses a white player got out family members serving in iraq president obama comes in calls the iraq war a dumb more pulls out all the troops and says as kevin durant did i feel like this country of being run by a bad coach close quote what do you think would happen to that white player who got a relative in iraq and relatives very upset about what he calls the obama bug out has told this player about the obama bug out the player has embrace that attitude states is a bad idea and said i feel like we were being run by a bad coach which this what kevin durant said about president trump what do you think would happen.

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