Jane Byrne Interchange, Kennedy, California discussed on WBBM Evening News


Sports now sixteen of forty six passing journey over the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time ten forty eight another round of traffic and weather here's an idea right in on the eight ends in from a lake cook to the Kennedy juncture then I've got a couple of delays here and there if you're on the outbound side of the expressway south finalizing our slow from a layer me to Austin road work in the left lane and found safe from actually into the Jane Byrne interchange in so far let's take it back to the Kennedy having a little trouble with my mouse outbound Kennedy looks pretty good and bad twenty IRA right take past Irving park to California and before Ohio to the Jane Byrne interchange so far yep on Stevenson looking good in down to the rights of the outbound side of the Ryan that is clear inbound heavy Roosevelt Jane Byrne twenty minutes ninety fifth into downtown fifty seven of the vision for the great to lake shore drive pretty much back to normal just though through Graham park through the road work cell phone and that that is on the tri state tollway north found had across the mile long bridge to seventy fifth road work in the two left lanes the eastbound side of the Reagan eighty eight speed to reduce just slightly old orchard to route thirty one route four fifty six that accident one seventeen veterans fifty three three ninety five if you're on eighty ninety four it is solid passed out before Ripley to about two miles past it and that's all because of construction in the area the traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM and through the night so we can expect fair skies and pleasant.

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