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Creams are okay. They're not bad. It's whole milk soda water and then chocolate syrup. That's fucking gross. Yeah for another. It is fucking refill at fifty years. old Fuck you and he chugs one onscreen and then he asks for another. I would fuck in blow that out do ass and like three seconds. I mean i'm not a huge egg crew fabulous. They're not bad but you don't show them choking them as an insane thing to do. Normally you're giving extra sells water like top them up as you go but anyhow that's the least of the problems here it does have that whole but the whole got that stink at i at first taking the side of this like stupid bullshit. New york attitude like his susannah york even like to our kids. Boy you've never had nothing to brooklyn egg cream just you wait. I'm like what the fuck is milk and soda water for fuxing holy in new york. Get fucking bed. Think in interesting touchstone in that like the the one movie in that we covered from grew where he where jack black did participate and he had like this modest funding. It's amazing how flaccid immediately became unexpected race remake. That grew did with some modest. Backing is is just like in on watchable. Boring turgid thing except when jack bike shows up. And that's almost he gets into that stephen paul realm there for a bit at apparently the this just this sweet spot where people who don't know what the fuck they're doing two much funding and they proceed to make the most boring films imaginable. Yeah this grows like a bruise. A lot like Who's the american movie guy. Mark bork borchert. He's groups like that guy. A guy middle nowhere guy can't get funding for anything but just has the passion to make something and paul on the other hand they can get all the resources they want a need and they can do everything by the book you story. Boarded shot listing have competent lighting setups e. You know they've professional actors who actually show up on set and but they have no business making movies because they're they're businessmen this. This probably goes back to our theory. From last episode. This is just more of a money laundering scheme than it is for any sort of like drive to create something artistically think. That's true of one of them. I don't. I don't think you could throw that stewart. I think stewart is it's weird. You can almost see this sort of dichotomy with these two brothers in these episodes. When you're looking at what steven steven seems like the kid. He was the son who the parents were like He's gifted he's a genius. Let's let's fucking hoist him into hollywood. He'll make break things. It'd be the next great artists and really stewart is the one who has something. He has something to say this. Something interesting about stewart. Paul i feel like you guys element apology. Last week characterizing it as like steven was fucking humoring him and throwing him crumbs. Maybe the reality but but fact they dash they should have just backed. They backed the wrong brother. These one hundred percents stewart. Paul's movies are looking. Tremendous except ammon aminov is actually as bad as anything mate but the other two are jammed. Let's compare to this and and are actually honestly genuinely enjoyable. And they're enjoyable again because this poll at least has some kind of a perspective. He's trying to be stu. Were call on film. Whatever the hell that is steven steven is like the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. That seems to be isn't it's just you know. He feels like he is a checklist for everything that you need to make. Good film is good people on set that can make it all reality and like make it look like a movie and said he doesn't give a shit after that like there's nothing in this film in any of these films pretty much. There is nothing that is entrusted camera pointed at the person who's talking like that's all his film is it's every old details pretty much are delivered through dialogue there is no meat on san or compositional sands to communicate anything. There's no art to what it is just absolutely point and shoot film and then everything is like period details and stuff so everything looks well. There's not a movie. It's it's a terrible terrible play and it's badly written. Play to begin with legacies accidentally beyond me. How hughes voted as a teenage playwright causes garbage. It's it's not well written and then it's not well made movie. I will say the only sequence in this that almost elevated and it's funny because when it was happening i was like oh fucking god i hate this and then it certainly occurred to me that this is actually different from the rest of the movie is. There's a rocky owed in the film where he stood poll as character. The main character is trying to get the girl but there's another guy he wants to girl. He's a boxer. Three years to become a boxer starts training. And it's it's the whole rocky. Kind of pastiche and culminates in the only the only shot of the film that actually suggests any kind of thought was put into like honestly. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the scene that fueled the entire film production which is as we know rocky and his triumphant training sequence marches. Girons up the big flight of steps and gets to the very top and starts dancing and celebrating and stewart polls character does the exact same thing but the steps are instead a fire escape of a building in wonderful bronx neighborhood to any gets to the top celebrating The bridge back. It's like the composition of like once upon a time in america which i'm pretty sure stephen. Paul watched several times and still several things from and it's torturous because it's not funny and it's just awfully boring but it's also like that's that's really the only point of the film that makes it look like he actually tried to apply himself to anything. It's pretty remarkable. Even holly points of this film are torturous and just kind of remind you of how l-low everything else in the movie. There's nothing happening here maybe a good illustration of the effort is set. The young elliott. Gould played by stuart. Paul is called pompadour but they never make the effort to put him in the makeup chair and give him a proper pompadour. Like ju fro. The movie has all the characters like. Oh this is jimmy. The and this is a semi two fingers cash. Shut the fuck up man. Just another example of of humor in this movie is most of. It's about Young stewart paul and his three buddies. And there's a scene where they're all looking out the window ogling at a woman and one guy at the end has got binoculars and then he's got him it's that classic bit where like the binoculars leashes around his neck and each guy grabs the binoculars and it just seeking. He gets more and more choked as their ogling at the sunbathing woman. And i couldn't stop laughing. The more he got choked and does the sunbathing woman fox stewart. Paul who is who is at the time. Supposedly wildly in love with the girl was dreams. But he's still for some reason fucking to forty year old neighbor woman. I thrive your mentor. All totally normal stuff here It's all happening. The third act. I do wanna touch on. Because.

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