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Good friday to you welcome to the show it's not a really good friday at is it that's comes after linked right my mother would be so proud of me r ryan in wheels with you in studio chris's eating disgusting in and out burger somewhere eight watch it its gross sales growth suggests overhyped uh coming careful common ear right we don't need we don't need to scare away id fell going to go to denver visits headlined local radio host scares away in and out burger how if there was ever a fireball offense i feel like that would be at yes if i scared away in and out burger yeah many people would call for my job i would in this building that's what i'm saying in his ilter deryke out again if you're familiar i'll just a paths chris notes save this even though the do i right i don't worry we got plenty accompany coming by today like literally uh lindsay smith will join us not in person because she's covering state wrestling i'm but the preps editor of the vehicle celebrating i think she just finished chefs okay joe hud join us in uh thirteen minutes uh our athlete of the week award will be given out at the bottom of the hour in that person or persons as it were will join us at that time in studio then we go out to brahma road arena to talk to kim landau about see cdu latest the i should say that this way the first time in four years that the battle for the gold pan will actually come down to the second match up between see c india which is pretty cool so can will join us to preview that series gary perish of cbs sports will join us the talk college hoops at 520 on wall ask him about these reports that uh taking tierney oven been all over the place we mentioned a yesterday at the end of the show real grim reaper vibe come in from these reports of bull gate gary's thoughts on that and also why nobody likes virginia the number one team in the country and then we'll be joined by mystery switchbacks players at five 535 they are a mystery to you and to me so we're all gonna find out together who they are in it'll be glorious radio if you wanna be a part of the show don't be shy two eight six zero zero four six i know you're thinking about your weekend i am too but i need the interaction from you so please for two eight six zero zero four six.

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