News Media, President Trump, Barack Obama discussed on The Michelle McPhee Show


Angry or angry ten percent enthusiast thirty percent satisfied thirty three percent dissatisfied 26 six percent angry who to blame president trump of course quinnipiac said that a majority believe that trump has helped to change the attitudes about the media for the worse the question was do you believe that president trump has changed american attitudes towards the news media for the better or for the worse or hasn't president trump had an impact on the american attitudes towards the news media for the better twenty two percent for the worst fifty two present no impact twenty percent folks the news media has been lying to you the american people for the while for a long time but in the trump era it's been the last year and a half were i they tried to make it where he couldn't get the nomination once he got the nomination they tried to knock him down from being elected since he's been elected they tried to knock him down from becoming president once he became president they tried to knock him down from doing his job all in this time lying to all of us about what's going on everyone at nbc news whether it's msnbc or national nbc news abc cbs cnn n they all know that the russian collusion story is fake but they're doing it to try to undermine him and then as mentioned earlier we've got barack obama trying to undermine the president and in undermining the president they are undermining you and they're not bringing you the news that actually affects you as i said earlier earlier president trump has been given speeches all this week did you hear about it and now that the komi hearing is done have you heard about it today no all you hearing.

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