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More than shoes Not every not you enthusiasts certainly but most people you know they do all their business on these phones do all their personal items very intimate sometimes with their phones there. There are most personal products. And you know I. I think they're going to be around for a while. I think so I I still do think that the fact remains that the smartphone really is just a portal to everything in that and that plays to the commodity aspect where the phone is a window. It's not it's for most people. It really just is that they're people like us who are much more concerned with everything surrounding rounding the window. We've gotTA gotTa have the right frame. You know the accident nice smooth opening action but You know there are people who really get hung up on these things. Obviously but I do question whether or not for most people you know these form factor alterations you know you talked about how you know there are people out there like us who you know. Try New Technology people like what's that what's that what's what's you know. Of course you get asked this all the time and sure some people will make decisions on that basis but I think with the smartphone. I'm going to go back to see. I think we have something like a bit of a car analogy where the vast majority of people are actually three pretty okay with the basic box. They aren't really fascinated by its conveyance. It's just it is the means to an end and I think that has played you know as best you know described through apple's popularity in the United States where I use an iphone and I'm about to tear my hair out within twenty four hours because it's just there are so many things from it's like how do you live and but at the same time like the majority of Americans who own smartphones or perfectly fine with it and I know tons of people who use use iphones or very smart highly productive on the go and they don't care about limitations or the things apple does I mean we obviously both know people who are only on Ios. And they're totally totally fine with that. They don't mind right so I think that kind of gets into well. How important are these changes in found? How much were people willing to pay to use these more exotic form factors and are they willing to pay more at all especially there are a lot of people just aren't all right right and not not at this point certainly and I don't think anybody and certainly no normal person I know and normal I mean not you or I should go out and spend one thousand nine hundred eighty dollars a fold or fifteen eight hundred dollars on the razor? I don't think anyone saying that but I can't help but remember when the first razor came out in two thousand four and it was absurdly expensive at five ninety nine and you didn't even get a discount with a two year contract which was unheard of end e. Everyone everyone was like this is I have to have it but I can't. This is absurd. I'm never going to spend that much money on phone and a lot of people didn't but what happened was the razor proved so iconic and so a alluring the Motorola made tens of variance at all. The price points ended up not being very good business decision but the point is you would within three years be able to go into a seven eleven and for like eighty bucks instead of six hundred by phone. That looked an awful lot. Like a razor on the page ago plan. Like you couldn't get away from it. I I really think that in and in ten years that if a are hasn't completely taken over by then it's GonNa be tough to find display on a on a pocket device. That's not flexible flexible. I really think it's going to be that interesting in ten years that that is quite a while in ten years. It's hard to predict what's going to happen over the form of technology but I mean it's it certainly. This is definitely. I will say the most practical folding device we've seen so far personally galaxy fold I I would never ever want to own one and I always made X.. Design is just. It's going to get so scratched up so fast I could never live with that. You agree with you on the Matrix. I I like the coldest very different use case but I agree with you on the medics. Yeah I think the full has almost zero appeal to any kind of normal person even if it would cost the same as regular Away I cannot cannot agree. Are you saying it's a yeah I I think it's just far too compromised but I think this one you know those two phones I would say like are very much of I would say like the Star Trek of folding phones. No the motor razor feels much more like the blade runner it is a a it is a slightly more like it feels a little more real. It's still fantastic. It's still the future but it doesn't feel like you know something somebody but he drew up as a sketch on the back of a notebook one day and like this is what we're going to be using to you know a hundred years from now it feels more like it's a take on technology. We already have. It feels feels very familiar. Like looking at the photos of you. Do get that sense that like this is something we know. Yes Oh and holding it. I mean you get that sense. And that's part of the reason I think so. Many of us us are enamored of it and I want to say look I you know. I think we're making some good logical arguments here but I am not gonNA pretend like I'm not honeymooning real hardcore on this thing because it is the ultimate combination of things that appeal to me. It is super futuristic tech bleeding edge tech tech that so so on the edge that cheer point it might not work well but it is encased in a shell that recalls fifteen years ago and the very best fifteen years of a conic industrial design in a nascent category that made millions of people care about phones for the first time that combination is something only Motorola could do because Motorola's as one of the companies. It's been in the position it's been for as long and it's just it's an everybody. Nobody loves a redemption story to write. The last time I was interested in a Motorola product really interested was to two thousand sixteen. I mean it's overdue. It's it it's it's a seductive and I just can't wait to buy one with with all kinds of money. Spending I sound far too curmudgeon. I do think it's very cool. I think as a piece of engineering what Motorola did is very inland. ovo is very impressive. Like the whole way the screen screen slightly slides under when you pull it. That's that's like legitimately like that's really clever like that's a good way to avoid the pivoting issue like they've really clearly. I thought about this a lot when I look at like how the phones laid out and like all the dead screen space at the top and the bottom. I physically itch but I still think it's a cool phone i. I don't know if I'd want one but I think that you know what I'm starting the kind of direction I'm going with Foale's at this point is sure. I think they're going to to be a thing. I think that what we're going to have though. Is The smartphone market street saturation. Like shipments are slowly but surely dwindling people aren't upgrading. Rating is often. People are able to keep their phones longer. Actually that's one of the biggest changes apple has been the company that enabled that more than any other and of course other companies are slowly but surely starting to follow suit. Google supporting its phone longer. Basically everybody's got an accident damage protection plan for their phones. Now where you can get your screen replace. Everybody is starting to get onto the long term support game to varying degrees. I mean apple is doing it best battery replacements screen replacements Spencer Easy to get you walk into the store. You walk out if you hours later in. It's done you know. They really have made it. Very seamless and I think that you know gets to an issue issue that is really separate of the razor but about smartphones in general which you know to me one of the more interesting things is how companies are really changing like Apple. I this is specifically about apple quite honestly how apple has really changed the customer experience for smartphones versus what we expected affected six or even six or seven years ago where you know. A lot of people are still walking around today with iphone. Successes iphone sevens. You know that our four five years old. They're still using using them. They got the battery replaced under Battery Warranty Program or whatever or they just went and got it done anyway and the phones are still good. They're still useful apple still supporting them for the most part. I think that that to me is one of the most interesting like directions. smartphones as a class of products are going. They're turning turning into durable goods. They're turning things. We expect to get along life out of versus something you know. We're turning on an upgrade cycle. People aren't really getting rid of them until they basically don't work work anymore. I mean you know we you know every time you get on the subway. I'm sure you see a million cracks greats like oh it's horrified so pervasive that you watch the expanse and and like the. The main character has a futuristic crazy. Awesome phone that's transparent but it also has has a crack in it because this is how you identifies a human. It's a a real world capture. You're not a real human if your phone doesn't Cracking it yeah so I think that you know looking at how long people keeping phones how they're becoming much touch more like it's just not. I think the more interesting questions to answer around phones are how do we make this product lasts longer. How do we make consumers like because for me the the question of value comes up all the time as a product reviewer like how do I recommend a product on a value basis and unfortunately like it's remain in true as long as I've been reviewing phones that actually one of the cheapest phones you can buy over time ends up being an iphone because you don't need to replace it? It is often. It sells for far more money if you want to reset apples. Trade in program values them pretty reasonably and the support is unmatched. So you can keep it in service longer. Anger if you really care about maximizing your phone dollar actually apple is the best company in the world to buy a phone from most people. Don't think about the way like. Oh the iphone so expensive and it's like well well. No if you do the economics in terms of how long Hebrew balance on your phone how easy it is to repair than actually apple is by far the best. Bang for your buck not to mention availability. The of easy access retail locations for most people who live near population centers which nobody else can come close to no no definitely not and I think that's something that we've seen in the other side of the fence android you know. Every company being android phones almost completely fail to respond to in a meaningful way yeah even processes asses from what I understand pretty inconsistent if you oh yeah on the chat rep Sir Terrible. They'll lie to you. They'll tell you that just blatantly untrue about the warranty and stuff like it's awful so I think that you know foldable are cool. I think that they're going to be a big. You know a part of the future of phones phones but I think that you know it's I if I'm going to hold feet the fire over found if I'm GonNa really hold a torch for people and say this is. This is the biggest and most important the issue to tackle about smartphone when it comes to smartphones form factor to me is like so far down the list at this point I want companies to be more accountable for for how they support their products for how long people can use them. How how long they remained? Good phones shouldn't have to be something. We have to upgrade every two years. That's kind of silly like if you you were to say that about a laptop like you know obviously working in your industry. That's a little different. That's that is a that is professional grade tool. It's a different sort of thing but if here to say that about a laptop your regular person most people keep the laptop six seven years. Probably sure yeah and I remember distinctly the first time I ever spent real money on technology. Technology was in a laptop in college needed laptop so badly mine was tragic and I had to spend an inordinate amount of money but it lasted me for. I think five ears and to me at the time in two thousand six to two thousand eleven. That was More time than I expected to get out of used after upgrade a lot more often but that is maturing segment as well to your point I will say that Let's say two things first of all I've inherited the annoying tendency of podcast hosted. I listen to a regular to preface everything with to your point and I apologize. It's very frustrating. I hate that I've done it Secondly I think you said something earlier that I will will be a little pedantic about you said that the durability slash longevity question and support question about phones is the more interesting one and I think the unfortunate truth of it is. It's not and I love that you are going to increase visibility on that. And you're gonNA make that a pillar of your coverage because honestly it's not as interesting. It's not as easy for someone like us to get the eyeballs. We need to make this this To to to keep money coming in the door because really what are you what are what does the people that are. What are the People WanNa see new phones? They WANNA see. Hot Phones owns Laptops new ideas strange futuristic concepts. you run a piece.

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