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Blue consists of a proprietary formula developed specifically for the treatment of inflammation and general muscle aches and strains I recommend blue goo for my patients coping with hip and knee pain before surgery especially bursitis and tendinitis give Lugo. Try Call one eight eight eight three three zero zero one two three. And you'll receive a one week supply of blue goo absolutely free the makers of Blue Goo or even paying the shipping. The number again is one eight. Eight eight three three zero zero one two three if you want more information on blue visit online at www dot du the goo dot com now available at select the big five stores near you not too long ago. It felt good to withdraw your cash from the bank. Didn't it for a vacation or a new car? But today withdrawing your own cash has become risky Pat Boone here for Swiss America. According to the secret war a new Swiss America White Paper. I learned that all banks are now required to spy on you and me for the government and then report any financial behavior deemed suspicious or unusual. You must read the secret war. It's free truth is I. Believe the government's new war against cash is really a war against us. Aw but the secret is now out so please yet and read the secret war. Pick up your phone and call right now. Eight hundred nine three to five five one seven eight hundred nine three to five five one seven eight hundred nine three five five one seven once again. That's eight hundred nine. Three two fifty five seventy. This is America's Sports Talk. Show sports byline. Usa here's Ron. That's going to wrap up. This hour is sports byline. We talked with John. Essner professional tennis.

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