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Aren't seeing in most of the other areas of Illinois. It is in the best interests of all ST Louis and Metro East residents to take action now to bring down the positivity rate. If the numbers don't improve, the governor says more restrictions may have to be put in place. And the World Health Organization says the planet is nowhere near the amount of Corona virus immunity needed to induce herd immunity were enough of the population would have antibodies to stop the spread. Herd. Immunity is typically achieved with vaccination, and most scientists estimate at least 70% of the population must have antibodies. To prevent an outbreak. Some experts have suggested that even if half the population had immunity, there might be a protective effect. But the W H o this morning says that theory is wrong. I'm saying we should not live in hope of achieving herd immunity. Most studies conducted to date have suggested only about 10 to 20% of people have antibodies to Corona virus. Now, with W G N sports Here's Dave innit after not facing an elimination game since 2017 not winning one since the year before that, the Blackhawks faced their second in three nights. When they take on Vegas tonight. It's win or go home for the Hawks, who trail the Golden Knights three won tonight's game on W g. N at nine o'clock after spotting Vancouver a two game lead. Defending Champ ST Louis has come back a 31 win on Monday. The Siri's now tied into baseball, six home runs for the White Sox to each for Tim Anderson at Louie's Robert Seven to the Sox beat Detroit. Meantime, catcher Yasmani Grandal left with a stiff lower back socks say he's day today, a game two of the Siri's Tonight You could hear it. It's 6 35 on AM 1000 Cubs dropped the opener of their double header to the Cardinal's 321. Took a nightcap. 54 thanks to David Bodies, three run pinch home run in the sixth Anding afore game losing streak and Padres 21 year old slugger Fernando Te T's junior ruffled some feathers last night when he had a Grand Slam. The eighth inning with his team leading by seven rods. He swung on a 30 pitch he was supposed to be taking but missed the sign. Padres beat Texas 14 to 4 Rangers manager Chris Woodward says I didn't like it. Dave Anet. W G N Sport Your Money on W G N markets are open for business this morning with the Dow off 17 points in early trading the NASDAQ up about 60 points. Yes and P, up nine points. Global stocks were mostly higher today as well. The nation's home building industry looks like it's roaring pack housing starts jumped more than 22 a half percent in July, increasing to an annual rate of just under 1.5 million. That's 276,000 ahead of the rate for June and well above the 2.3% hike. That analysts were forecasting the original and largest Pizza Hut. US franchise E is closing hundreds of Digne in restaurants and selling off hundreds. Mohr. NPC International will close his betting is 300 dying in restaurants. And we'll sell another 927. The deal with brand owner Yum Brands announced yesterday comes after NPC filed for bankruptcy protection back in July, and I'm Steve Gray Zana, John Chicago's very own 7 20 New to Medicare Start now good of my health policy dot com Toe Learn about some of the top rated Medicare.

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