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Blah, blah, blah here. Those two dummies George goes, all right? We're back. Bring him the burger talk back, right? What's your tacos? Yesterday. I'm Kevin had three burgers chili dog. What else to burgers chili dog? Chicken tenders? I remember you had two bags, and you and you were holding too. Yeah. Yeah. It was cookout. Throwdown every meal. I mean, you know on on on certain occasions what we spent all day out calories. Consumed date, you know, the kind of giving you the clipboard and study, this is all your body chemistry lines. Go by calories, especially you know, because focus on a lot of high fats. And when you get a lot of Fettes you eat a lot of calories. You know? But you know, most of that. I think it depends on where your calories are coming from. You know, they give me the whole breakdown and everything how much my body burns per day. Just sitting doing nothing burn like thirty one hundred calories. But then I I don't like like, I don't I don't like. The average even thousand that's faster metabolisms thirty. I think but they say that. But then for like an average male my age, or whatever it was like twenty seven hundred over. I was like thirty two thirty one in. I don't know. I don't I don't count calories. I mean, that's just kind of pointless over prediction on the Super Bowl. Patriots. The rams. I don't watch okay page. How many years has it been that patriots are in the Super Bowl? I feel like every at least have of since I've been alive. The patriots have been in a Super Bowl. Yeah. And they always lose. So we're about John Jones. Are you are you guys laughing that off the dole jacket thing? I heard you say something about look at one point. We're entertaining. Like, not not a fight because he's heavy. But something about you won't beat me up. And yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, but we'll have. I'm just going. You know, you'll talk talk low share Matola Masha back down. I mean, I I don't you know, I'll really like him necessarily. I mean, I don't really, you know, I got some respectful skill set for sure, but I'm not like in a way this whole, you know, kinda have drug tests. You know, I'm kind of pop in. But not really think is going down is like, okay, we get it. You might have some trace amount here and there, but where does she come from? You know, what I mean in in at the end of the day, even when that's what got I got respect for guys when you know, if you pop for some or whatever just just keep it, honest. Just be like, okay. Yeah. I took it my bad. Like, you know. And when you don't do that at all, then is almost like, you try and play Montella telling and and and that I'm say on I take offense to it. So I took a fence tested for your tested at least like. Sixteen times since the the thing started per year, probably three or four six AM. You get those or are they backed off them a little bit. I think they got too many complaints. And now they they show up at a reasonable time. They show up like nine tier, especially viewing given the problems. And they know I ain't giving him no problems. They can show up whenever whenever so, you know, they think it just is is part of the game now. And I kind of I respect it in. It's making it to where you know. I don't have to worry about that. Which I like so big thanks to Alexander Hernandez. Good job goes on booking him. Thanks to Kevin Lee as well. We gotta get on outta here. Dennis rita's Tikos in Marquette, bent, folks, Corey San Hagan, Jessica I or other guests and Kevin thanks as always coming in and co hosting looking for two thousand nine hundred ninety. Yes. People locked on make junkie throughout the week. We got you covered for the big bell torture. Fourteen card takes. Tomorrow night in Inglewood, California. Who treat Ryan Bater fade or million ankle? The winner will be the belt Tor grand prix champion for Kevin joss. Danny goes, I'm towards a nice weekend. Go out there and be a champion.

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