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This in other plow in June or maybe on my show later in the week. But I just kind of like the comfort of having a little more time in less pressure here it WGN radio dot com. And also we're going to play back some of the comments from Kim FOX when she was on our show. Remember once that? Yeah. That was an interview. So. So now she's saying that. She did not in any way. Well, she was saying then she did not in any way direct the prosecution or the decision not to prosecute yourself out of it. She recused yourself. Okay. But now they have all of these text messages with her and her staff. Yeah. And those would lead you to maybe a different cloud interesting. So I've looked at all of those text messages today. Yes, was eighty nine thousand of them. And I don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be. But there are some that are particularly confound, I would imagine. So we're going to talk about the excellent listening. That's a lot of stuff John. I'm going to be listening on the app pace yourself. And that's just the first twenty minutes. How does he do it? It's amazing. Okay. So my introducing the news now. Thank you Bill. Thank you, Wendy, hokey smokes. It's one of three this WGN radio. Everywhere streaming live from Chicago. Who's doing the news Kim run down to do the news? I'll take it from here. John. It's Ryan burrow, WGN radio news Ryan, we've got sixty one degrees cloudy skies right now at O'Hare. The hunt for the woman who made threats against Denver schools is now over she was found dead near the city ABC's. Alec stone has more from Denver, it appears the hunt for Seoul by has ended just west of here in an area where she was last seen the foothills of Colorado sources are telling us police was found dead at the base of mount Evans, it appears she committed suicide she came to Colorado from Florida on Monday with a fascination into Columbine. Her family told the FBI she had come to Colorado when she arrived. She immediately bought a shotgun. The threat we're told is now over ABC's Alec stone reporting from Denver father, John Smith, a longtime head of Maryville academy has died months after being publicly accused of sexual abuse. Edis pinnacle father, John Smith seemed larger than life. He was long a champion of Maryville academy beginning in one thousand nine hundred seventy but that began to unravel in two thousand and two when the department of children and family services found rampant violence at the home for troubled children. He stepped down in two thousand three later becoming president of Notre Dame college prep in Niles, just three months ago. He was asked to leave the ministry in the wake of sexual abuse allegations bother Smith was eighty four years old Steve Bertrand WGN new bells rang all across the world today, including here in Chicago to stand in solidarity with the city of Paris after the fire ravaged the Notre Dame cathedral, Monday, many Chicago in stopped outside of holy name cathedral. And as the bells tolled to Paris, what a great loss that the whole world is experienced. So this is a wonderful way for us to remember that here frigates respect and sympathy.

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