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I do think that we're going to have effective. One's safety is a question mark because evaluating vaccines for safety takes time. We think of ASAP as as soon as possible, but in vaccines. We want them to be as safe as possible. There are steps we can safely skip like waiting in line behind other paperwork at the FDA. The FDA can just say vaccines I likewise were preparing factories before. We know whether the vaccines will work. That's going to cost a large amount of money, but it's not compromising the product safety I do. We take the time to do proper research and make sure that the vaccines are safe in humans. Though that's one step, we shouldn't skip. Okay good to know now listener. McCarron says some projections suggest that we won't return to normal life. Remember that until the vaccine is available in twenty twenty one and even then health officials warn us that might not be enough given multiple strains which might need different kinds of vaccines. What do you have to say about that? Well I certainly sympathize about being a creature of habit because I am one to. A static for some kind of silly things. From before Corona virus was one day, the zoo was giving away admission for a reason. I can't even remember now and we all just went to the zoo, not a care in the world. Now that feels a little league. Saying we flew to the moon. I really sympathize with the desire to go back whether it's going back to work to support your family or even just doing back to playing Frisbee in the park on a Saturday afternoon. With that said I do think that Cheney had an excellent take on it and the print magazine normal is going to look different, but not necessarily in negative ways. We Home School for example, and it's been very interesting to watch the whole world. Walk a mile in our shoes I. do think that will help. People understand what home schooling is like. I've also seen an article about courting couples who are starting to get to know each other by letter, writing and phone calls such that they start out with this foundation of really knowing each other. That's a change, but maybe not a bad one right. Yeah I've been witnessed to that with my own adult children that are back home, well reader Susan. Dugan is wondering about how a vaccine would work. Can you explain the difference between vaccines that prevent? Disease in vaccines that cure or slow the progress of disease? anti-viral vaccines work by preventing disease. Basically when we get sick with a virus, our immune system has to figure out what distinguishes the virus from our own cells. We call that an antigen and then start making antibodies to it. A vaccine works by showing the Antigen to the immune system and more or less teaching it. This is bad if you see this. This you need to do something about it. That's a huge simplification of a very complicated process of course, but that's the idea behind vaccines for viruses as far as vaccines to cure diseases, researchers have experimented with that idea with trying to immunize patients against things like cancer cells. That's a fascinating idea, although that sort of thing is still in the research lab. Okay next. We have a question from a listener named Meg. She serves as a missionary in Thailand. We were scheduled to go on furlough in the US from mid-may to early. January, but here we are still in Thailand. Are furloughs are filled with driving from house to house and from Church to Church. We're thinking of going later and doing those typical furlough thinks is fall. Is it silly to think that would be a reasonable thing to do considering the second way. First off, thank you for serving in the field mission were was already risky enough and the many questions surrounding corona virus only added to my respect for those of you who are doing. Thank you and thank you again. With that said this is a huge question in the mission world, one family friend missionary in Africa, or he would be, but he can't get there because the country in question isn't allowing anyone at all. Another was going to Asia, but his flight was cancelled, and he hasn't been able to find another one, so there may be no flight or return flight or two week quarantines coming here from Thailand and coming back from Thailand. I do realize that furlough is about far more than just fundraising to keep the mission on track. It's also a chance to reconnect with your family with your friends with your church with your home culture with the foods you grew up with. You will probably be required to self quarantine for two weeks after you get here from Thailand. And after that the risks are more related to the second wave here than to the situation in Thailand of course, the good news is that airline seemed to be offering a really unprecedented level flexibility often even with the cheap fares, so if you choose one. Let's refund your tickets. You could always line up your tickets now and see what the future brings. Okay now this is about we talked about being outside earlier. KRISTA I'll be has a question about sunlight's effect on the virus. There were some initial claims that sunlight would kill the virus on surfaces. Have you seen any other information about that? And then related to at what.

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