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And local. It's three o'clock. I'm Liz Warner residents of yet another Los Angeles neighborhood, or getting fed up with homeless garbage and filth. Barbara Frederick works in Sun Valley. I'm about five five in the garbage was piled on the sidewalk, well over my head Frederick says, trash does get cleaned up, but quickly, we appears she says police are doing a good job of, but Foltz the parking department for not cracking down on illegally parked vehicles. She has sympathy for homeless families living out of RV's. We have no sympathy for the ones that we see dealing drugs stealing the electricity prostitution. You have to take them public urination in public to sanitation is overwhelming, the amount of garbage. She just wants the city to act. We don't know the solution to the homeless problem that we do know that doing nothing about it doesn't move it at all. Kevin trip KABC news White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders is leaving sued. This has been the honor of a lifetime, the opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn't be prouder to have the opportunity to serve my country and particularly to work for this president during White House today. Trump said Sanders had done a great job. And we'll be headed back home to Arkansas. The president noted she's pushing he's pushing Sanders to run for governor of her home states. Andrew's father, Mike Huckabee is a former governor there Sanders said, she'll always treasure her time at the White House. She's been press secretary since twenty seventeen funeral. Arrangements are underway today for Joseph Solano the slain LA county sheriff's deputy who died at the hospital from a gunshot wound to the head. He suffered in an apparently unprovoked attack at an Al Hamra fast food restaurant. The thirty year old Utah man suspected of shooting, the deputy and possibly killing another man in downtown LA was charged with two counts of murder today and prosecutors will decide later if they wished to seek the death penalty, indicted attorney, Michael avenue, Mahdi, the lawyer, who represented stormy Daniels intern lawsuit is facing another lawsuit. The lawsuits filed on behalf. Half of Jeff Johnson paraplegic for whomever, naughty, won a four million dollar settlement. Johnson's new attorney Dan Callahan. Alleges ebony lighted..

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