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Second Amendment he was ninety seven years old at the time but John Paul Stevens wins mind and his words were still razor-sharp join us now by phone C. N. N. legal analyst and Supreme Court Biographer Joan Bisque Biscuit Pick Joan you know the history. The court has as well as anyone. Let's talk about John Paul. L. Stevens is legacy. You know Anderson just what Pam said right now about how razor-sharp he was. I just talked to him about a month ago. He just finished his latest book and he still wanted to be so much a part of the dialogue dialogue in America and I think one thing he did was offer exhibit A. to the kind of <hes> promise that Chief Justice John Roberts has said there are no such thing as oh Baba judges or trump on judges because and point the public Gerald Ford in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and he certainly couldn't have been predicted as someone who voted along the Republican Party lines he offered such a moderate to liberal leaning view at the end of his life. He wanted to ensure a greater protections for free speech. Although he really thought free speech <hes> he really fought conservative effort to lift regulation of campaign finance he continued to argue for <hes> <hes> narrower gun rights he opposed the Supreme Court's ruling broadening broadening the ability to <hes> have gun ownership rather than regulation so across the board more than thirty years influencing all areas of American life <hes> just an extraordinary legacy again the third longest serving a Supreme Court Justice Joan cubic appreciate it Chris. We'll have more on the life and the legacy of justice Stevens News continues one and handed over crystal Cuomo prime-time Chris. I am Bill Kristol feeling confused about politics..

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