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Onion. It's got potato. It's got quinoa. I mean, it's impressive. And what's equally impressive is the fact he eats it every single night. Like he never mixes. I'm like, oh, like throw a piece of fish or a salad or something into these. So does that tell you he buys that on the way? Or do you think he makes it? He makes it really makes it. Yeah, it's frosting. It's a good luck. Yeah. He's changed. It's the new old as we heard in the interview. I'll tell you, maybe. What's the greatest thing he's ever said on television? Is there a catch up on that one? So that. You never get enough to watch. All right, time to check in with Chris Albert, presentation botan O dot CA now available in Ontario and botanical reminds us the game starts now. Makes sense, even though the stala playoffs abs are looming, you know, let's spend a little time talking about your experience of Blue Jays games. I haven't been down to I want to call it the new stadium, but it's not a new stadium. They've just spent hundreds of millions of dollars in renovations.

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