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Pick your delivery date and one eight hundred flowers will handle the rest order today and save at one eight hundred flowers dot com. Tom Code Romance Today explained blamed. I'm Sean Ramos Firm. I spoke to boxes editor at large as reclined. Last week about polarization. He explained how impeachment doesn't really work in a polarized system. You can't reach that supermajority convicted. Everyone's voting on party lines and the founders did not see that coming. The founders wrongly thought the American can political systems separate branches would resist parties and partisanship polarization. So now we have the super partisan impeachment vote I asked Azra how the founders might revise the system they created so you can imagine something like if the House votes for impeachment mint which already you're dealing with party politics there then instead of going to another body of elected politicians who then you need a super majority of them it goes to the supreme in court or it goes to some form of tribunal that is composed in a predetermined way and then the other thing that I think is kind of interesting is impeachment. It works in an odd way where you get impeached right. which is the charges are going to get brought to the Senate and then you need a two thirds majority for removal? We actually don't have much his inbetween clean that I think it would be interesting to imagine having a more direct center process or you can imagine impeach him processes more about just simply saying stating having like a like a gold seal on. Did the person actually do this thing. And then the question of how they're punished whether or not is removal or senator or something else is separated from a little bit the terms conviction and acquittal are connected to the question of removal. It is very possible. I think that there might be more openness to something like conviction if the outcome was not a severe as removal. And maybe what you WanNa do is accept that at least when parties are going to be involved. It's going to be very hard for him to remove a president but it might be important for message to be able to be sent to a precedent. Does that run the risk of politicizing the Supreme Court. Even more than it already is. I mean people didn't seem to love it when they called the two thousand election and decided who the president would be. I think got his one hundred percent risk. I think that the problem is that there's no version of as it does include politicization right. But you can't take politics out of politics and so the question is who can withstand hand it And you think the Supreme Court better than the Senate. I'm not necessarily arguing for Supreme Court. I could imagine it's something was Supreme Court even names judges right create something new I can imagine a lot of ways to do it. And this would just be like me doing fantasy constitutional redesign. You'd want something better than me doing fantasy constitutional redesign but but the idea that we should do. Some constitutional redesign should not be considered as radical as many people. Here it The idea that some parts of our constitution are not working given the construction drugstore current political system and in order to continue honoring the founders intent. We have to update their construction. Is I think an obvious point that people should take more seriously. Obviously that's why we have twenty seven amendments but in all seriousness I. I don't think this impeachment process has been super hope inducing for a lot of people and and you're talking about changing the system entirely. Is that going to be as hard as a conviction in a Senate impeachment trial. Do you have any hope something that embiid can happen. It is not that I have hoped that we are about to fix all of our problems. I I really don't It is that that I have a realism about how bad things have been at almost every other time in American political history. They're not many moments in America. That you you would prefer to be in in this one as bad as one is. I'm it in the past. We've been much less of a democracy in the past. We've had much more authoritarian rule in the past who've had much more political violence in the passive had much more rampant racial and gender and sexual. And so on discrimination and so something. I think it is easy for us to do you. Mix Up levels and trends the level of American politics right now as bad as it is is much better than almost any time in our history. The trend is quite bad and so there are many times when on trend. You might prefer where we were because recruiting making progress. Even if it's from a low place right now we've made a lot of progress and we seem to be squandering some some of it and so the particular form of hope I have is that it would not take too much for us to continue doing better than we've done at any other point in in American history. It's always been frustrating. The American political system has never worked quote unquote. Well never worked easily. Even the moments of great triumph like the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act comes. After after many previous efforts at it had failed after anti lynching laws had been filibustered or bottled up in a house rules committee. And so we don't have some Irena golden urban aged go back to like we only have a little bit better of a future to fight for and I think understood correctly if we can make things a little bit better than they are now. There'll be a lot better than they ever have been before. There is some hope in that to recognize that we've been gifted fairly high like space to start from but it's not to say you shouldn't be concerned I think you should be concerned. I'm not that hopeful right now. I think what we're seeing is dangerous and we're seeing very deep vulnerabilities in system that I don't think yet in the way they're being exploited but I think could become so in the future as much as our level is better than it has been in the past it is going to take work. Ticket are trend back into a good place. That's vaguely hopefully I'll take it vaguely hopeful. Okay vaguely hopefully twenty twenty.

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