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The WGN TV is room or or wherever you guys are all you doing it this town hall tonight is gonna run all over the state of Illinois is an Illinois town hall and that that's why it's running all over the state and I I think I'm repeating myself and you're gonna have senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth who are going to be answered questions obviously there won't be an in studio audience because what's what's happening here but are you taking questions from around the state remotely how you doing that yeah Hiero good to be with the other questions are coming in and so we will be asking your questions all of our stations across Illinois received a bunch of questions they sent them to us here in Chicago and we're going to be asking the we've got road the mayor of Naperville mats in Peoria Springfield Champaign Rock Island Rockford Moline Belleville L. ville I'm sorry about that I should know that right and the the lieutenant governor the state of Illinois Juliana Stratton so I've already heard from some people okay were you having the democratic senators but the fact is the United States senators from Illinois are Democrats this is not a partisan event we're going to question the people who are making the decisions of people who represent us in Washington and of course the lieutenant governor people just are not getting along they're just in the number is in the spirit of this side row well it sounds like we're going to because we're entering phase three tomorrow and virtually everything opens up now we can't go to the movie theater still and we won't be able to do a couple weeks away from that we learned earlier today so I think there's there's an operative there may be an opportunity for that but let's let's all right let's talk about this the partisan divide because it was really pretty fasting to mine yesterday we talked to the restaurant tour down in or over in Elburn Illinois who has been open for business since last Wednesday he's been open for business for seven days and four in side dining not for outside dining inside Danny just flooding licensing Hey this is what we're gonna do is it was either lose our business or do this and you know we're just going to kind of roll the dice the local constabulary there the police were not willing to shut him down and the I I think in the aftermath he got a lot of press over the last couple of days and I think in the aftermath you know the status that wants to get give him a cease and desist but then again what happens with any of those things you don't know but what was interesting to me as we were talking to him yesterday was the issue of face masks and I think it's a little bit I think his story is a little bit of what's gonna be moving forward here is we do start to open up is that the face mask of all things has become the touchstone for where you stand politically either you're for the face mask and then you're a Democrat your four no face mask in your Republican I mean when did we even get this far I know we were far but this is yeah it kinda like just it's it's even too much for me this is where we were even before the the pandemic and look at the science shows that although most of the facemask that most people are wearing doesn't protect you one hundred percent but it does do a good job and if you can't social distance as the health experts are recommending six feet away because you can be a symptomatic you ought to wear face covering it's just something that we thought we should do right now all the viruses here we haven't gotten rid of the virus even as things open up it's going to be awhile but before we have affect of treatment before we have a vaccine so it is something that is being recommended to people it doesn't have to be politicized personally I'm not great with my mask is certainly where it in grocery stores or if I need to to run a new but you know convenience store or something like that I haven't I I'm not great about it you know we hear it WGN some people have their masks on some people don't we were working in the the news but the fact of the matter is it's about the other person you could be carrying the virus not know you're carrying the virus and so that that's why it's recommended that we wear a facemask but look we were already we politicize everything before the pandemic yeah that's true they didn't create it but you know you raise a good point about route businesses that are open I'm fascinated by the churches and I think it's one of our questions for Stratton tonight is what is the guidance for churches this Sunday you had several that have been of shooting at the US Supreme Court stepping in saying the governor Pritzker needs to say what can they do and he's promised guys but it sounds like from the very latest thing he said today row is he's going to provide guidance but the fact of the matter is people can do what they want to do he he doesn't recommend that you have a giant service but it you know even mer Lightfoot I mean nobody is sending in police to arrest people who are worshipping so they don't want you to do that you could do an outside service you could you drive through you could you could do some social distancing don't don't have food together and stuff like that where your mask but it does sound like the governors backed down in in churches can do what they want right because he did not meet the there there was a lawsuit filed he they did not the state did not defend that lawsuit they let it go to the Supreme Court was going to hear it and they they said but you were not turning into the in here they they've stepped away from it and I understand in this moment this really isn't about trying to find some sort of constitutional reality out of this pandemic is since it is such a black swan event it is such a unique situation so I I appreciate the fact that the the religious community is concerned but the the the structural religious creative they have a larger churches the Catholic Church the this billion churches here the Presbyterian churches and synagogues you know that it did you wish there there's a there's an organization for almost all of these it seems to me it was the of the pastors who are not part of a larger organization we're the ones that were dead do you know what we're actually calling this out and saying no we we've gotta go we gotta go we've got to go into me that felt just then it's to me felt the responsible that they were doing that because putting people inside of a church especially a couple weeks ago where you're really much more at the height of the pandemic for Illinois than than you are this last weekend and certainly coming up this week and we hope that there is NO a firing back up but that's a that's a dangerous thing to do and and the archdiocese it's one it's the largest you know tips the it there's a billion Catholics in the world right so the archdiocese of Chicago you know they were being incredibly careful about what they were doing and I I know I just I always thought that was really about politics and getting people angry and I think pastors are not supposed to get people angry they're supposed to help people heal right and that this was about trying to stir something up and and it just it it never made any sense so thank you all right two I've he said what I have to say you do you just eat you can totally ignore that but now it's seven or you could put it right on your your show tonight starting at seven o'clock well I think it's going to come up I thought you know I'm I'm really excited about because I want to know what's going on in Iraq for what's going on in my lane we focus on Chicago we hear about every day Chicago of course is not opening up that tomorrow looking at some limited opening up next week so I eat a lot of places are raring to go like they they they've had fewer cases than we've had in cook county and so their experience their concerns are different on on the church point you're absolutely right Catholic Church huge bag it's clear president trump was concerned about Christian evangelicals who make up of the percentage of his base and so he certainly will you know wanted to appeal to them I think I think that's fair to say put up some of the smaller churches I mean they're they're economic considerations let's be honest like like on the one hand of course you you have a right to worship and to gather and express your religion but also you know you gotta pay the lights you got it the the you've got to pay the the bills the building fun things like that and so you just see that a lot of places smaller towns across Illinois just can not continue to be locked down and they just they want to go and and they say if people show up than I have every right to be open and that's what this tension has been about and and you've seen it play out right it but as long as we could agree on one thing which we cannot do in America anymore but if we get agree on the science that this is an actual virus when X. is interesting in that in the television report about this restaurant we were just talking about an older there was a patron in the restaurant that I don't believe in airborne viruses I don't think that's fair though they're not real right I mean so I mean it when you have that that disconnect people you know may not know me intentionally not now or just want to fight you because they're the ones everybody's got one of these people in their in their family right that nobody likes what they got to show up for the holidays because they're constantly causing a fight well I mean there's people like that but they don't necessarily have to set public policy especially in the middle of pandemic and that's where we can differ here in terms of our philosophy but let's just defer to what the safest thing is and if the if the medical experts tell us that we we get a fifty percent advantage by wearing masks than women I'm with you I don't like wearing them either but we do know what we what we gonna do all right Comey wait seven o'clock tonight and both WGN TV and WGN radio and then on a number of TV stations around the state of Illinois it is going to be the only town hall to mom Bradley is hosting that to mine we'll see at seven thank you Sir okay thank you we got the news from.

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