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Happy to have such a long hiatus but while understood because we want people to be safe insecure during this pandemic and not do anything rash. It's GONNA be some time before we get any new track but we still have time to go on and A. I still need to go through the short tracks. Haven't been through them yet on. Cbs All access. So there's still a lot of content out there. Don't forget everybody so one of the funniest things that they went through last night and again. I hate to keep plugging this but on the drama in the Delta quadrant episode I did I learned that the crew really like to mess with came all grew during her late night scenes because apparently they would shoot a late night like one two three in the morning and one particular episode. I'm going to give you some back story kind of make more sense why this person was naked. So there's an episode of Voyager. Wear to vox. Who Played Tim`rous Kinda GETS VULCAN DIMENSION. And he kind of loses his capability of thinking and knowing where he's at during this episode. He comes under the bridge naked to do this scene of super late at night. Tim Russ was saying on the reunion one or two in the morning and so he standing on the side by the crew waiting for waiting to go onto the bridge and film the scene K. Mongers doing our thing and apparently even Phillips who plays Knee Lakes and bunch of other cast and crew decided to. I don't know how graphic I want to get here but they decided to stuff the shorts of Tim Rice to mess to mess with Janeway. He walks out on the bridge and he's super I think it was a tube sock stuffed with other socks I want to get graphic but anyway he comes out and it just makes Mauger lose. It was a really touching thing because Masha say that. But it was really interesting insight into how the crew was because I mentioned like sometimes they got moon mulgrew mess monger during or seen so. Actually hearing specifics on one particular prank was awesome. I don't think the T and g cast got that blue with their pranks. But I I think they're just having fun and Definitely can't do that now in two thousand and twenty it's Just a funny inside to see how comfortable they were with each other and seeing that rapport and when they told this story is really funny because then it opens a whole can of worms like how was like. Who's the funniest person on the sad? And Howard the praying and where they kind of going back and forth and I feel like when they ask that question. There's almost like a pressure. Now because the T and g casts set the bar to be like if you're going to be in Star Trek to be fun loving you have to be counted as wild craziness. Everybody be family and I think every crew has lived up to that. I have research but just from my basic knowledge. He everyone gets along and they like to have poke fun at each other while they were filming. They everyone around. The whole entire reunion definitely agree that Ethan Phillips was the guy who couldn't be contained and just always had a good attitude and was always hilarious because even though Jerry Ryan goes into this is that even Phillips and make up for two hours every single day.

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