Dinesh Examines the Trump Lawyers' Brief in the Mar-A-Lago Raid


Donald Trump's attorneys have filed a document in the southern district of Florida. This is the West Palm Beach division. This is before judge Eileen cannon. This is in the matter of the Mar-a-Lago raid. So to bring you up to speed, judge cannon has ordered the appointment of a special master, the special master is a kind of third party, a neutral guy. To review all the documents seized by the FBI and by the Biden DoJ and the ideas of the special master will decide which of those documents can be retained by the government, which of those documents have to be returned to Trump. And basically judge cannon says, I don't trust the Biden DoJ to perform this task fairly. Now, the Biden people are fighting this bitterly a, they're threatening to appeal, which of course is their right, but good luck. First of all, their appeal there'd be appealing to an appellate court that is majority Republican and even if they appeal that it's gonna go to the Supreme Court. So good luck guys, knock yourselves out with the appeal. But even as they are threatening to appeal, they do have to fight it out before judge cannon. Now, now they're trying to say the Biden administration that the special master can review the documents, but should not have access to any of the classified documents. And who gets to determine what's a classified document, the Biden DoJ goes, well, we do. So we will designate all these documents as classified. We will separate them out. We will give the rest of the documents to the special master and the Trump people are say, that's ridiculous.

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