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One is Michael Scott, which one is Jim Halpern. We don't know yet. Exactly. I'd say kubiak is Michael Scott bigger picture things. No, Vic Fangio Michael Scott because he's the bigger picture. Vic fangio. Kubiak goof. Yeah. That that's fair. I do feel that way a little bit. I hope that that's not. That's the other part of this kubiak thing. I hope Vic Fangio is given the chance to be the guy. I hope it's not I I don't like the idea of co Vic Fangio's the head coach, Gary kubiak. Is fortunate that he gets to be the offensive coordinators the way I look I'm just saying he does. And I think it's because kubiak was a head coach. Yeah. Exactly. Like if they brought in Zack Taylor. It'd be the office coordinator, they wouldn't feel that we wouldn't know it would have that vibe. Mike Shanahan as the offense coordinator totally of. Jeff says the biggest question I have is how he'll dress at the press conference tomorrow. All we ever wore was sweatpants and ball caps in Chicago. Given the way that he is described by many of his players. He will probably be wearing a Zoot suit tomorrow. Right. Mabul slicked back hair. Vance Joseph didn't convince himself Vic Fangio ain't scurred. Ci- scurred. ROI run option interception. Doug says it's not it's the QB not the coach just look who is in the playoffs. I'm a believer in in. Strong quarterback play being probably the most important thing that an NFL team can have. But I think there's a nut enough there with case keenum. To make this team eight nine and seven. There isn't enough for case keenum. To win. And I Lombardi trophy. So if that's if that's what you're the metric you're setting the bar, you're setting for Vic Fangio this year. Then you are going to be very disappointed because the Broncos are not going to win a Super Bowl with case keenum as the quarterback. The question is can they go to the playoffs? Plow in my my answer for that is yes, they can look at the AFC this year if c is incredibly weak. As a whole. Patriots are over the hill. Chiefs defense. I don't care what ESPN stupid article yesterday said the chiefs defense is terrible. Stop it. I know you need to fill up content. Saudi ESPN piece yesterday dispelling midst about the remaining NFL playoff teams myth. Chiefs defense is terrible. It's not a myth of its fact, they are terrible. They're like we'll run against the run. They are they're good. They're strong against the run. K iram. I distinctly remember golf and Brady and rivers throwing it over the head of the Kansas City Chiefs defense, I don't remember coming away from those games and saying man Melvin Gordon Todd Gurley and whoever the hell the running back is for the New England Patriots really beat the chiefs tonight. Well, but always the passing game. So when you but when you think about it who's their next opponent. Colts. They have Marlin MAC yet. But they have Andrew luck. True. But. That's that's immoral immaculate. Somebody that talked about as part of the success, right? And. In what I would say about the chiefs is that all I'm saying is they are not taking away the run. That's the point. I'm I'm trying to make when they go up against the elite teams or their fellow playoff teams. It's not that the chiefs are taking away the run. So then the other team has to pass the other team knows immediately. They can beat them through the air, and they do it right out of the gate. Brady Russell Wilson Jared Goff. All these guys. Did it even know? Many of the teams that she's had on their schedule. This year had strong running backs. They just didn't take away the run teams chose not to run. But getting back to the Broncos because the chiefs day is Saturday this Broncos day. Still not Twitter official, by the way, still not Twitter for show. You would think he'd be in Denver by now? If Vic Fangio pulls a Josh mcdaniels. Then I'm sorry. Broncos fans there is no hope this guy has been waiting whole flow colts or the plan. That's true. That's that Rosie optimism playoffs. That's the rosy optimism. I love outta you wheels. Frank Reich is the better choice in the colts. Ended up blocking out. I'm just saying like unintended. I'm just saying if a guy who has waited thirty five years to be a head coach. Any backs out on you? Then it's a problem. What are you? Your your mouth is agape. Here's some shocking news via Adam Schefter. Okay. The jets next head coach not named Mike McCarthy. Oh, yeah. Who is it? Well, wait. We never get to do this. Okay..

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