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Closure northbound eight eighty shut down you'll be, diverted at ninety two south eight, eighty close you'll be diverted off at Winton because of this big rig that leaks them has met on the eastbound Winton on. Ramp to south eight, eighty, this all started about. Twelve thirty this afternoon which is why the. Alternates are so bad I'm so sorry if you're stuck with this the Hayward schools aren't back, in but some of. The Catholic schools are and how frustrating it just trying to get to where you need to go this afternoon give them a call Nick have them. Call me I'll tell him that you were stuck, there let's move over to some problems on two eighty on the peninsula with our Chilton auto body collision and Mike Tracy this is a crash with a couple of vehicles and bus involved even though, it's, off to the center divide area as you move through south. City this north two eighty between Hickey and Serra Monte but the fire department as first responders blocking the. Left lane right now we really have, been watching the backup grow Almost back. Already to three eighty in San Bruno real vista some big delays northbound one sixty or how, we won sixty Sherman. Island an accident causing huge delays northbound sixty backed up across the Antioch bridge your next update three twenty eight on the traffic KCBS now the Manzini. Sleepworld six day forecast a huge savings at Manzini, Sleepworld Labor Day sixty five percent off mattress sale visit Sleepworld dot com, we are looking at hazy sunshine yet again Those temperatures mostly in the mid sixties to the mid seventy s a little bit warmer today but not much looks like, we'll, be, hard pressed to get out of the seventies before. The day is out tonight look for mostly cloudy skies at the. Coast in bay partly cloudy inland tomorrow a little bit warmer but, Sunday back to the same temperature. Range that we're seeing today and from there the cooling trend continues Monday through Wednesday temperatures again stuck into a stock mostly in the sixties and seventies we have traffic. And weather together on the eighths on all news one six nine. And AM seven forty KCBS three twenty. One that's bringing a little bit more on that, to situation in Hayward we've been talking a lot about the traffic implications which are huge but, there's also a. Safety issue there is a shelter in place. Because there is. A vapor plume from the acid spill. Up to three hundred gallons of acid could have leaked out of this tanker the plume is blowing southeast from Whitten, avenue off ramp at. Eighty so here's the shelter in place parameters Jackson street to the south Whitton avid into the north Amador street to the east. And I eighty to the west and Shirley has been, telling us there is no ETA from when, this spill is going to be cleaned up and those freeway lanes. Are going to, be reopened right here this is the best. To, stay tuned in other news who's after state lawmakers want to learn more about the role that the internet and data service, providers, play, in the work that first responders do here in. California KCBS Melissa call Ross reports that the this comes after the. Santa Clara county fire departments claim that Verizon wireless choke the agency's, data speeds well firefighters were battling. The Mendocino complex fire last month came to light the work of first responders has evolved to include and depend upon the internet and wireless access Santa Clara county fire. Chief Tony Bowden responders rely on mobile wireless connectivity to communicate resource. Status complete orders provide critical incident information And develop. Into action plans horizon wireless significantly slowed down, data speeds for the Santa Clara county fire department last month as firefighters battled the. Mendocino complex fire lawmakers in Sacramento held a hearing on the situation Friday to learn more about what happened Dave Hickey with Verizon says the data choking with a mistake that the company takes full responsibility for. We've taken steps to move for removed speak capping from first responder lines this week which is great for people that are fighting the fires and other incidences that are happening Hawaii Hickey says the company also has created a new plan for California first responders at no extra cost that will not have a data cap Melissa call Ross KCBS day comes tomorrow. But, today was the birthday for c. p. m. c. mission burner a. Hospital known to generations of San Francisco's San Franciscans a Saint Luke's KCBS has gentle lane reports, from the new facility have, to, look out the windows because of course are expected mothers get, the best, view in house tours The new mission, burner hospital begin at the top the seventh, floor in birthing suites overlooking Nowy valley medical director Dr Anna Altschuler make it to deliver. The. First baby, here I will be working tomorrow I'll be on LeBron delivery so I'll be the first doctor on LeBron delivery providing care just. Really exciting California Pacific medical center administrators, like CEO Dr Warren Browner and elected leaders including assemblyman David Chiu negotiated for years to find a way to, keep a, modern hospital. Serving the southeast quadrant of San Francisco they likened today's ribbon cutting to a birth the hospital itself had, a station. That can only be described as elephant time When we knew about the state law that required, a seismic retrofit I think many of us. Wondered if this day whatever happens Saint. Luke's first opened its doors in eighteen seventy one CPM c. mission Burnell opens nearly one hundred fifty years later in. San Francisco gentleman KCBS portion of our sponsored. By hansonmcclain advisors looking for useful information about retirement go to hansonmcclain dot com Bellinger Tex Mex the KCBS super micro Intel money stocks. Rallied with the NASDAQ and the s&p, five hundred hitting new all time highs the Dow, Jones industrials. Rose one hundred thirty three points or half a percent the NASDAQ closed up sixty seven. Points or eight tenths percent the, s. and p. five hundred gained eighteen or six tenths percent Neela Richardson Edward Jones tells Bloomberg the economy is in good shape with no. Downturn insight. If he look at the second quarter you see a lot, of strength over four, percent GDP growth that's not all stimulus, either that was business investment that was a pot. Thing consumer spending it's a fundamental in the economy very strong and. Richardson says corporate earnings have been solid for two quarters in a row demand for expensive manufactured products declined more than expected last month. The Commerce Department reports orders for durable goods fell one point. Seven, percent in July but a component of the durables report the tracks business investment, posted a bigger than expected Gain Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg radio Hey it's flow with. A super weird word nightgown if he asked me.

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