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Was just the, kind of mayor they needed Filled free to. To be a little bit outside of the normal behavior That's Mockus he wound up serving two terms as mayor from one thousand nine hundred five one thousand. Nine hundred seven and again from two thousand one to two. Thousand three he did all kinds of things that weren't quite. Normal behavior he gave tens of thousands of citizens placebo vaccine against. Violence he preached the evils of graffiti by. Dressing up as a character he called super citizen in a spandex suit he, encouraged people to take out their aggression on balloons rather than one another and also had an idea for that terrible traffic Police. Was very corrupted and we used my as a local replacement in. A small part of the city of the. Traffic police wait wait a minute wait a minute excuse me mayor mocha's you, said you replaced the traffic police with mimes yes It is maybe worth pointing out? Here How mocha's spells his name it's m. o. c., k. u. s. as. In mock us here's Margarita Martinez again. She has directed a film about Mockus Except for you were crossing the street not through the crosswalk but through the middle of the street, mime followed you.

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