Yvonne Smith, California Park, Donald Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM


Trump president trump it off your by just hit this thing done there you go thank you for the phone call dave richardson we were just talking about that you know this contact tease saying that you hear these stories over and over again oh ab absolutely filmmakers say i really glad that down the call for more regarding is known experience is then uh sounded like he had some meant no regression but uh didn't really know what to think about it um it's it's dicey it's tricky because he even i don't know what to say about all hit know if no regression um i tend to believe that some of it is totally legit in which a person doing the regression is able to extract genuine memories from people so it can be very valuable go i have also um come across since that's where i i'm dubious all right about the quality of what is being requested so it is hard to know and it's regressions not a silver bullet but there are good people out there um i'm a big fan of yvonne smith and she's i now at in california park from new jersey uh but there's other people in the east coast to a really good as well and um so i i would encourage him actually continue with that in terms of uh uh what i think of coming up i'm ben um i yeah i can't really say for sure but i have a feeling that we're going to see some more ufo information come out i i'm i think that this um stirring that's going on now is not going to die down right away and i think we're gonna see some more information come out and buy the ways as far as weather of president trump's gonna say something you know i did i wrote a little book mad about uh the ufo disclosure in the era in the age of trump uh and i i wrote it right after trump was inaugurated so it was really at the beginning uh before he was in my view totally checkmated by as a whole national security apparatus which has been um but trump is the kind had guy you could almost imagine doing it to a.

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