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So you never miss an episode in tune into our next episode where we will talk things sassy with an industry expert and as always you can learn more about the current state of technology over an sds central dot com. Today we were talking about sassy. No not being sassy but s. a. s. e. which stands for secure access service edge. I promise to hold back on the sassy wordplay in this episode. But i do encourage you to read the news article. What's so sassy about sassy by tobias man on sdn central's website in this episode. We'll look at what makes sassy so sassy but we will also cover what it is key components of sassy industry standardisation sassy offering options remote work shift industry growth in the future of sassy part one sassy basics gartner coined the term. Sassy in the twenty nineteen hype cycle cloud security report deemed the future of network insecurity functions at the time sassy was just an emerging technology and there was barely a sassy product on the market. Uh sassy.

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