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Were able to do it. They're together in person distance from everybody else and i think they're still working out with the platform is going to look like but last year there were some really amazing virtual conversations that were happening through some like online chat room. Type things that were part of the of the conference platform so if that happens again this year i definitely encourage students to get into those rooms to have those conversations To help you feel a little bit more connected to the profession Didn't you might otherwise considering that we're all gonna be at homer or or in our offices this year attending industry see. It's interesting the question about whether like moving forward right like our first year is going to be allowed to go. We've had one or two go. But that was simply because they had a poster that they were actually presenting. Yeah so i actually Was when i was in my program. The energy see was five minutes away from it was an anaheim which was five minutes from where i was when i was the first year. So all of us actually went as the first year. And i have to say that it was so inspiring and the unfortunately that was partly probably because of the the networking opportunities and being in person but I think that it can be so beneficial so for anyone listening. That doesn't know what we're talking about. Energy see is the national society of genetic counselors. There's an annual conference that is specifically geared to genetic counselors where people come from all over the country in actually probably the world To learn about what's going on the newest latest greatest Research topics in genetic counseling. And so this year it is virtual again which has been disappointing for some people but it is. You know better safety wise. Which is why it's been changed but also it will allow. I think a lot of people who weren't able to travel for many different reasons to be able to attend And we're kind of talking. What has been mentioned. Is that in the future going forward. Instead of just being in person it will be both in person and Virtual and you can choose which one and i think that one of the big barriers to people attending is travel and is leaving your family leaving things for that amount of time. And so i think for first years for anybody who's a practicing genetic concert can be very very helpful to to attend digitally virtually So i don't know. I just wanted to give my input as someone who went as the first year it was. It was overwhelming. But i think it was also very inspirational something that i was just thinking about analysis..

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