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From the british empire There's there's no place to You know establish any kind of You know an enduring system and during You know i it. Yeah right right. So they've got a slot quoting dr rich in the country. Of where where. Where do they belong that kind of thing. Well there's that and there's also just the the physical reality you're talking about a landlocked you know massive mountain ranges and desert and places that if you are an outsider. How do you gain a foothold. I mean it just sapped resources from now three. Successive superpowers always young enough channel pronounce. Fifteen when the russians invaded acquaintances. But that didn't last long because of the international pressure right because all's interest into track and field of the affected. The olympic games exactly took took a big sports. Politics is bigger reminded. You know already in my maliciousness but yeah yeah certainly. Certainly afghanistan does have a history like that one. That's a few of the other question things about What's going on the uk question. America is the cio military us military at the time was giving star trust in tank given them stuff. I mean this is just what i'm hearing from. News contact details people that need to be evacuated eden. Where were the people that worked with the us that will. I'm not sure they're talking about us. And british nationals or so us nationals because america or afghans was and to the us military time but the information given and now. It's giving him almost like a defcon of isn't it. I mean. I haven't heard that that particular detail i i do know that there are about. I want say it's fifteen hundred additional. Us nationals still have not been accounted for and then there's of course all the afghans who provided assistance translation guidance whatever to the us to the military. And now it's you again going back to the earlier point. How do they get out safely..

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