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I have some friends that are involved with the team and i think it's surprising you most people have the preconceived notion that chinese people are small so the players i've seen her tall and the rangy in their tough lot of big basketball gas and you know the interesting thing is that i i've off i told john cherry this one night on hakkinen canada you canadians have done a great job with the game such that everyone in the world wants to play and i told someone else willie ole ry and i were sitting the first black guy to play in the national hockey league i i said i only have three colors in my book three colours of my crayon blocks white ice black pox red goals that's it we don't look at anything else other than can you play in a tough and can shoot can you skate that's it mobilink mobilink players in the in the national hug had used and incense eighty which is why i'm so up in arms about banning our athletes from going since eighty the national hockey league the the the number of players that have gone on to to play in the nhl college guys and and the the infusion in of of town from all over the world i i was just at harvard not not too long ago and fatih soft came in and gave a talk to the harvard hockey team you know this would have been unheard of prior to the 80s and pride of the aiding olympics and and i think you know give denardo credit to be that forward in advance but it's also taken advantage of what we're all about.

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