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Five start cooling experts at Crop Metcalf 1 800 Go crop or visit crop. Metcalf dot com. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o P traffic Now to Storm Team four. Meteorologist Brianna Berman solo. It looks like we're in for another hot one. Today is we finish out the week end. With temperatures in the upper eighties for around 90 degrees. With our high humidity levels today, High Dew points it looks like our heat index values will be feeling more like the upper nineties to finish the weekend. Make sure you are prepared. Stay hydrated, packed The sunscreen wherever you are outside for this Sunday afternoon forecast again, it is hot and muggy today. Overnight will see partly cloudy skies. There may be a few storms later on this afternoon, developing isolated storm chances increasing for the afternoon and evening hours and then diminishing overnight Monday. It looks like our humanity levels will be dropping so a little more comfortable still warm, though we're in the low nineties for Monday afternoon for high temperatures Tuesday nineties with mostly to partly sunny skies I'm storm team for meteorologist government solo. 78 degrees here in the District. W T o p NEWS time. 10 30 Thiss is w t o p Your source for today's top news, traffic and weather TM ve always connected and constantly updated. 24 73 65 in your car at home. At work and on the go. W T o p never miss a moment. Good morning. I'm Erica Murphy. Luke Lucas is at the editor's desk. Coming.

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