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It's never good when critics can sum up your performance as a politician with a famous sports. Blooper yeah they use a good Canadian analogy. It was like having a breakaway on an open net and missing the run pass Spiel. And that's why despite yes. Increasing the Conservative Party seat count and yes despite forming a strong opposition and taking a liberal majority down to a minority Conservative Party leader. Andrew Scheer is still fighting for his job shear survived a caucus meeting last week. That ran for hours only to emerge and meet the press and walk right into a perfect example of exactly what like many in his party. Think cost them the election issues like same sex marriage. You are still not giving personal view so my question for you. Do you believe that being gazed. Then we made it very clear during the election in the last few months and years. Our Party is inclusive we believe in the quality the rights of all we are. My personal opinion is that I respect. The rights of every single was an answer that try to please both sides and ended up leasing no one and it was a perfect picture of the division within the Conservative Party right. Now we'll sheer your move further towards social conservative issues to save his job even if it costs him the next election is he willing to put his personal no beliefs in front of voters knowing that many of them will never trust him unless he does and can the Conservative Party as a whole unite around a direction. They could help them win. What should in theory be a very winnable next election and an election? That could come sooner than they think Jordan. He throwing this big story. Stephen Maher is a contributing leading editor at Maclean's Stephen Are you doing. I'm doing very well and for those of us which unfortunately doesn't include me. Who are able to kind of tune out for you bet after the election can you Explain what happened to Andrew share in the wake of the liberal minority win. A lot of people were very disappointed in the conservative. SORTA party that. The party didn't do better not long after the election. Peter Mackay at a forum in Washington said that Mr Scherr are had Missing empty next basically years ago hockey analogy a widespread feeling In in the Conservative Party. That you're was was not able to do as well as the party could have particularly when you when you look at some of the vulnerabilities of liberals I mean. This is a campaign that started with news it was about A AN RCMP inquiry into the essence Alaba fair and it was then followed with the Brown face and black face incidents so trudeau was gullible and the conservative campaign was not able to take advantage of those vulnerabilities tell me about last week's caucus meetings specifically what do we we know about what happened in there. Well we know that lasted seven and a half hours which is a long meeting The the first two and a half half hours were taken up with sort of procedural business involving of something called the Reform Act which was brought in by Michael Chong and the previous government as a way of empowering backbenchers and there was a key vote where the conservative caucus They had stand up. It wasn't a private ballot a private Secret ballot then just stand up and vote to give themselves the power to remove the leader so it wasn't a vote to to actually remove him but to maintain that theoretical power. I'm told that only eighteen people stood up. Certainly fewer than twenty so sheer sort of survived survived dot task. As I as everyone sort of expected he would write. MTV's even those who would like to get rid of share would be reluctant to do so in a caucus revolt because they would then be accused of having ignored the will of Party members who ooh selected sheer right. That makes sense. Yeah and it's true if say decapitated him in a caucus meeting then people could say well. I voted for him. You know. Why are you ignoring the membership and there is a mechanism in April and a lot of everything that's happening of the Conservative Party between now and the convention in an April is going to be geared around that whether she can get enough votes to survive he likely needs around seventy percent of the votes of delegates and and there are a lot of people in the party? I think more than thirty percent who thinks that the problems with share are not gonna get better before the next election elections. Can you try to sort of sum up the division about the problems with Andrew Scheer. Why do some people in the party? He missed the empty net. Essentially well if you look at polling it shows the Mister became less popular as Canadians. Got To know him better. which is not what I expected? What happened? I thought that Canadians would find him to be a A mild pleasant man but it turned out that as the campaign went on his disapproval numbers kept getting higher and higher. Now why is that. One thing that A lot of conservatives believe is that his is reluctant to discuss his position on same. Sex Marriage is causing a lot of problems for him the other policy. Let's see issue that caused problems at the doorsteps and particularly on Terron. Quebec is the environment the climate change policy that the Conservatives brought forward got very bad reviews the people gotta closely said that it would increase our emissions rather than reducing them in comparison to the liberal plan. And the other thing is there's I campaign mechanics at the end of the campaign. The conservative sent their troops to the wrong places. They seemed not to we know which ridings were competitive and which writings were knocked competitor that his unusual for a modern political campaign with all of the data. Ah with all the polling. It's Kinda surprising. It raises serious questions about the competence of Mr Shears team. For instance at the end of the campaign campaign. They were sending a resources to von Woodbridge. which were they were not in contention Nova Nova Scotia. where I'm from? I know that they suspend a lot of resources. Trying to get country singer. George Canyon elected in Central Nova where they did not have a realistic shot of wing. Meanwhile the the next riding riding Cumberland Colchester. They lost by five hundred votes and they didn't the troops there. So there's a there's evidence to suggest suggest that in sort of get out the vote and polling world where we're Mr Harper's parties Steven Harper's parties to be very good at this stuff that at some point the conservatives have lost the plot so you have these policy questions and then you have a sort of confidence question and then you have a kind of personality question about Mr Sheer. So so there's I think a very strong case to be made that They would likely do better with someone else. There is a counter argument that often often leaders do better on the second shot You know if you look at Jack Layton for example over multiple elections people got to know he got better rabbit and eventually you know voters decide to reward you. I don't think that's the case with share but there is a counter argument. Well I wanted to ask you specifically only about the way. The party is dealing with his personal beliefs. Because I thought you really Summed it up well Mcclain's and if you could maybe describe the dynamics wchs in the conservative party right now over What I guess has kind of been referred to as Andrew shares personal beliefs versus political right? So there's a there's there's a divide in that you have some conservatives including a lot of conservatives in Ontario and Quebec who on the subject of same sex marriage in particular you are saying. Why are we talking about this? Why can't you just tell us how you feel about it? And get past us. Because shears critics the Liberals or journalist keeps saying well. What's your personal view? And after his this very difficult caucus meeting A reporter do you think that homosexuality is a sin so while you won't go to a pride parade and he said he didn't answer the question he he won't say whether he thinks that being gay sinful. It appears that this is because does he would feel like a hypocrite. He is A serious Catholic and he does believe that this kind of behavior is sinful. And that's why like he can't go to a a pride parade. If that is correct he is out of step with Canadians. The polling shows that only about ten ten percent of Canadians now are opposed to same sex marriage. There's been an normal shifts in the last fifteen years. Since this sort of moved it became came a political prop potato When Palmer was prime minister once it was legalized? Everyone has basically got used to it. and we accepted Doug Ford went to a pride parade. All kinds of people accept this kind of community event as a way of showing support for people that is meaningful to that which is how I feel about it. Our neighbors our friends and neighbors who are L. B. Q. It's meaningful for them to have the community come out and say hey. We got your backs. Right sure won't do that so his some of his supporters are saying well. Why badgering him his personal views our personal views and it's got nothing to do with how he's run the country and that is a perspective but on the other hand if you want to become prime minister of the country can we really think? Ah Your most wrongly held. Beliefs won't influence your thinking so I'm sympathetic to the people who are suspicious of him on these questions. Can you explain like I understand the one side of the Conservative Party who must be saying like look just get modern And recognize that. This is an issue that Canadians are are settled on and let's move on but there's a force inside that party. That doesn't want him to do that. And I understand that they have their own personal beliefs. But I'm wondering what kind of political argument they can make That that sheer needs to stay and Align himself with the social conservatives so often these these these are people who are associated with the right to life movement so they're anti-abortion activists and they are increasingly powerful force in the Conservative Party of Canada and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and they in fact made Mr Sheer leader during the there were a couple.

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