Saudi Arabia, Saudi Consulate, President Trump discussed on Chris and Cosby


Murphy says the house should look at the president's relationship with the Saudis the United States in order to maintain our own security has to reset our relationship with Saudi Arabia. And I think the house of representatives is going to have to get to the bottom of why Donald Trump. Is so blind to this reality. Some senators are easy after the killing of Saudi journalists Mollica Shoghi of the Washington Post and the Saudi consulate in Turkey. The president says supporting Saudi Arabia against Yemen is central to keeping Iran and check the Bazi administration is pumping eight million dollars into fighting the opioid abuse crisis in the Bronx money will go towards programs where support workers reach out to drug abusers. Connecting them to care and ad campaigns, highlighting the dangers of overdose deaths leveled off from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen city why. But we're up nine percent of the Bronx a former Cronin. Hudson fire department chief is sentence for stealing fire department funds. Westchester county DA Anthony scarf says Gerald Munson is now sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years in prison for stealing more than three hundred thousand dollars while serving as the department's treasurer Scarpinato says Munson alternate manipulated the department's beg records. Order to hide the theft. Knicks at Sixers at seven nets host the jazz at seven thirty Rutgers men's basketball at Miami. As part of the ACC big ten challenge at seven fifteen. Here's Jay release was Seventy-seven WABC, traffic and transit..

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