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Bought a uh a famous car and i made a deal with uh with her all uh arrojo who was uh you know my uh let's hope because my uh my wife's maiden name 10 doubt and they invested in that car and that's what got me going was another plateau and launching pad if you will because uh i want some races that was competitive and uh i got noticed and i got a a really good ride uh with them a ticket brothers in mitch it which were running the ard seat club america race drivers club that which was a very prominent midget uh a series uh with all the icon so measure racing you know lend lend duncan's tony but it is some of the icons of measure racine is so the era and uh and that you know they're not started winning went in there and it's just a team that had never won any races but i start the winning for them and then uh uh the uh the team out of indianapolis uh the rufus great team uh he but rufus great individual actually owned a sprint car and he had uh spree cover you had somewhat the top names like judd larson driving for him and they use sex prince cars he took notice and out of this they all new that i was interested in progressing he gave me a wry and he became a you know uh sort of the mentor at the time which brought we in to uh uh i would say main stream of vindicates racing because even though it was not the top category spread cars this is a step the low the championship cars uh but i was driving against the top dry irish because they were uh migrate into sprint carter's akg foyt roger mccloskey um branches all the top drivers would be driving this for now the jones driving in these uh.

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