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Two mosques and Christ Church new-zealand national police Commissioner Mike Bush said the death toll has gone up. After one of the injured died of the forty people treated pay crossed. Your little one has now passed. The total number of people have died in this horrendous event forty-nine dozens more seriously injured after shots were fired at two mosques during Friday prayers, while the suspects did stream live video of the attack on social media. Former FBI special agent at ABC news consultant Steve Gomez says he's streaming reveal something about the motive behind the attack. This is so is that these suspects really wanted to glamorize and show to the whole world what they were doing. Unfortunately, we're seeing this a lot more given the the social media and the ability to to stream live, but when when you have suspects that are doing this. It's not just about committing the violent attack. It's about trying to get a lot of attention. Unfortunately, that's what some of these suspects are into net. Livestream was supposed to the Facebook, which was almost immediately taken down by the social media platform. Elsewhere Columbus police seized enough fennel during a drug raid in the Linden area yesterday to kill four hundred. Thousand people police also seized heroin cocaine marijuana and guns at the home off Genesee avenue. Detectives took sixty one year old Kelvin Brown into custody. They charged him with several counts of illegal substance possession. Columbus city attorney's office is shut down an auto repair shop in London that was doubling as an after hours club. ABC six is Brian magic talked to both neighbors and the owner of the club what an OSCE on mock road, the club owner.

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