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Be over and I hear the media say, oh, Kevin Durant comes back like he's going to carry these guys and push it too, like he's not God. Yes. He's very good player. Yes, he is Jody. He's a very good player and maybe can put the teams on the shoulders and say follow me guys. I'll take you to the promised. Land is a very good team. And you made a great point earlier saying, maybe you guys meaning the media south of the border there, never followed. Team that much realize how good we are. Look at our record. We've won ten of eleven quarters going into last night's game one ten of. That's not important, but you make a good point. And let me let me add to it. This warrior dynasty, and I do to nine the you win three championships in four years, and you go back from fifth, and they may or may not get it, but it's a dynasty. I slice it any way you want, but they beat in the same team. The first four years, the three wins all came against the same team and truth be told only one of them was against a team. And that was the win. I e the year that they want without Kyrie when the cats actually had quote unquote, a team LeBron James and another player like Cairo rubbing LeBron lobbed the second to not the same for me. This is really the first time then isn't tire run that they've played a team Kawais the superstar and he's right there with any other player in the league. But the rest of the gun, I step up past Glaus. Siaka stepped up Cathal steps of Kyle Lowry. Steps up as far as quote unquote a team goes yet, visit better than any of the Cavs teams they faced. The one year that they had both kyri and LeBron both healthy both playing the warriors lost tabs, actually one that one. So the worry is beat up on LeBron and his friends, not named kyri three times..

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