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Good evening I'm gene Crawford former late night television personality and recurring telethon host tonight. We continue our year long series. Ellensburg on Ellen Berg the gene Crawford conversations with another memorable thaddeus ellensburg appearance from nineteen seventy seven with agents dominant. We bring you special narrated insights from the master of the Mundane himself courtesy of the Athol James Foundation and the Tireless folks at the Institute of Television Arts by this time Ellen. Berg had already moved into motion pictures most notably with his cruise ships film from nineteen seventy five which won four International Academy Awards ineligible for the Domestic Oscars due to the fact that despite an all Anglo cast. The film was shot primarily in transboundary waters. These included best picture best actress winifred border best screenplay and best score for Buster Leeann not only a commercial success with theatrical running time of nine and a half hours. A condition of closeness and cruise ships was lauded as cinematic marvel and through time noted as an early slipstream masterpiece handled with kind of and sensitivity similar to the films of the Great Walden. Gray a magician from Fort Lauderdale who self produced a series of how to tapes featuring a pair of hands performing card rigs with the occasional getaway glitch in an evening dress at this stage in Ellen. Burg's career the cinema. Artur had arrived then. Gene Robert show tonight with special guest Thaddeus Bird and featuring Jack Wilkinson the Gene Crawford Ban Ladies and Gentlemen Ha g rougher so. We're just going to keep going without a great. I see I commend your pace sir. But I don't agree with it. Miss Really you're sure I would reconsider the most about you. What do you dangle? I've no idea what that means like. I kind of CYBORG. Thank you thank you thank you. Isn't that Nice Guy? I use the reception like that. Last night's commemorative speech for the Coalition for networked values. They rushed me off stage after I misplaced my moral compass which is a real Shane. My father gave it to me on the back. Engraved at Ted Hanks Hawk Shop East Fifty six street. Listen we're going to continue. I'll need my scarf. Liu Bei herringbone lease discard the others in that discrete wastebasket. I noticed on the way in. I always plan for various moods and never wear my scars more than once ever since the fringe of my Blue Chiffon cake brushed against the table of that barbecue joint and truck. Ston Fatty Nectar of a secular bird or the juicy rump of a beast remains eternally at odds of my debonair dress and decorum. No I have to say the smoky must of my sauce. Speckled beard is quite the Aphrodisiac. Tangy surprised for my most shapely of sexual partners with whom I frequently engage in week. Long displays of shameless depravity considered unspeakable leaving behind closed doors. Which we leave open to coax unlikely participants with Joaquin Roddick's Roddick's mortgage board in eighty nine. I released Cologne called La- smoltz and intoxicating aroma of goose fat and chestnut spiced apples zest. It sent always calls to mind enchanted evening with Lilith Cranston thanksgiving feast consumed in a fit of passion little which was Ingested Orleans. Now my guest this evening to put it. Mildly is a regular on the program when we first met him he was writing jokes for Dave Perry other various late night standbys appearing on the Mel Silver. Show you're welcome since he's become one of the most exciting talents in the world of cinema. Whose films include a condition of closeness and cruise ships slowhand Bakersfield mini in constant and his latest twenty four stories of macaroni and macaroni. Absolutely absurd. It's likely to cause convulsions. He's a writer. Director and actor an amateur dancer and a lousy musician. He's back for another round. Won't you please welcome? That is Ellen Burr. This is your next clip. Really this is all. I recall several years earlier. Doing a tap number with Marilyn Colgate. That received quite the ovation. I was never really known for my dancing in the states but abroad. I brought peace to many a war torn nation with my to the untrained eyes seemingly. Spastic DOFF beat heaving fueled entirely by my own inner dialogue. I remember the network sensor took alarming issue with my wardrobe silver sequined halter top with matching hot pants and generous bulge brought on backstage by Claudia. Daniels and her delightful giggle. The show's director. Fred forest covered the entire routine and closeups to block. My what was later. Described does inciting knees side. Crawford's three hundred page doorstop of off camera interviews and personal letters published a ninety five to pay for his divorce to Joan bankhead. It was it was hampered terribly by its exclusion of more memorable. An entertaining correspondences with Crawford particularly the one where I so eloquently broke the news of my unrelenting lust for Joan after partaking in rejuvenating bowl of cantaloupe. That said Thaddeus. It's great to see you. Welcome back thank you. It's good to be back. We were taking bets before the show you know. I don't know if you've done this but do you know how many times you've been on the show. Which number of appearances marks? I have to check with my accountant. A great many. I can tell you that this is actually your fourteenth time or teens. Yeah that doesn't see. I would check that well. You know you're always an audience. Favorite more always delighted to have you back. Thank you How have you been? We haven't spoken since before the holidays. I was anyone been really everything going on out there. It's madness. I took a mob to the studio hoisted over their heads. Yeah something like that Jeopardise holiday. You were Michigan Right. I believe I read that now. Detroit yeah. We had a pretty far out time. Nancy nye abstain from the festivities this year. And instead well this year we back. That was kind of you. Yes it was. What did you do? Did you donate gifts or help with like meals? No we organized a bet in with Peter. Halford bent in. That's right Jim to give back exactly. Thank you now for those at home. Particularly some of our younger viewers might be scratching their heads. This is Well a kind of derived of citizens INS. I'm sure we're all familiar with us. A sort of a a a peaceful protests nets correct. You can you get out of bed is that is that allowed or is that in line with bet in etiquette you can but you can't touch the carpet fastened. There's a there's an ashtray right. I'm fine on the table. I'd like to respond to this segment by speaking directly to the audience is is that all right. What about review whiskers split? Give it an ashtray. Good evening and welcome that he said Lindbergh Air and thank you for purchasing this exclusive in home look into my life and work. A career spent exploring the depths of my tortured and sometimes tranquil existence. Say in a bath or in the divine acoustics of my wineries tasting whole what they didn't public broadcast. That's stealing and that case. Your donations are greatly appreciated. I'll be commenting on this exchange with Gene Crawford by reading a brief excerpt from me in the genius one of my many memoirs. I just so happened to have a copy as I carry with me all of my memoirs and a milk crate with wheels..

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