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Five taking a look at KSFO traffic we have some heavy conditions coming out of the Santa Cruz mountains north bound seventeen stopping from Glenn would drive to summit road as you head into Lestat as was found thirty seven in cinema still a bit slow from Skaggs island out to sin no more race way here eastbound ride heavy from lake fell to Skaggs island over to the Altamont pass was found five eighty slow from two OO five two north plane road and then up ahead west five eighty stopped up from Erreway Boulevard to the Dublin interchange CHP running a traffic break in that area from an earlier accident metering lights are off at the bay bridge westbound eighty still sluggish through Berkeley from Golden Gate fields to the maze we have a three car crash on the shoulder at the Benicia bridge on north found six eighty just before marina Vesta with KSFO traffic I'm Jan Duffy I wrote this next song from Cheyenne should never have told her how progressives collision insurance covers injured dogs and cats she said if they could love her pooch as much as she did so good high well I could this next song is called person you was run the cat engine company coverage not available in New Hampshire North Carolina I've been talking about doctor John Filippini the Danville this doctor he's doing something very special for our radio listeners this month you heard the term the proof is in the pudding so what he's doing is.

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