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Support for this podcast and the following message come from harvard extension school online certificates in strategic management and corporate sustainability extension dot harvard dot edu slash npr live from npr news in washington i'm shea stevens the department of homeland security has announced new requirements for all commercial flights arriving in the us from overseas npr's mary louise kelly reports that the rules include more rigorous screening of baggage electron accent passengers the new rules are expected to affect about one hundred eighty airlines both international and american homeland security secretary john kelly announced the change by warning that terrorists want to bring down planes and that inaction is not an option those who choose not to cooperate or slow to adopt these measures could be subject to other restrictions including a ban on electric devices on aircraft or even a suspension of their flights into the united states on the other hand compliance with the new rules could mean the limited ban on laptops in plain cabins will be lifted that bans been in effect since march at ten airports in the middle east and africa mary louise kelly npr news washington a new npr pbs newshour mirrors poll finds at the republican health care bill in the senate is deeply unpopular with the american public and pierce jessica tale of reports that congressional republicans are facing widespread disapproval of how they're handling efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act just seventeen percent of americans say they approve of this heights obamacare replacement plan fifty five percent of americans say they disapprove while about a quarter of people say they haven't heard enough about it to have an opinion with mounting defections within the gop caucus over the bill leaders decided on tuesday to push a vote on the legislation until after congress returns from next week's g life worth recess democrats opposed the bill in large numbers but even among republicans support for the bill a soft twenty one percent of republicans opposed the bill and just thirty five percent support it.

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