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But lindsay dethroned you as the smartest person on the show. Yeah i still don't believe that is true. I still believe on the smart goal like. Sat scores on the smartest person on the show. I want to take the sat so we could take it now. What what's your as you lose your house. Et yeah we didn't have to take the sat's what would act. Yeah i don't even remember. I got on that i'd have to look at. I know it was pretty good. Shot me a thirty nine on that shami. Thirty on the act. It's pretty smart. Pretty smart. I i hate to start the chill. I don't want to start by bragging. About how smart i wanna brag about. How dumb i am. I love the dumb fun of f nine fast and furious nine. It is so much fun. It is just a big stink in dumb ass movie. It's great. I've got expect that i thought it was just like typical sequel. A lot of stuff blowing up a lot of people and that was it. Well that is what it is. I mean it is. It's more of the same. I mean it's exactly what you want from from fast next. I liked the other eight. I'm like you you like seven of the eight. The guy from tokyo drift does show up. Lucas black. I think his name he shows up in this. Everybody i mean everybody is in this one including not chasing stadium but john cena who's great in it and jason state them in it. No jason state from the the sneak preview for fast and furious ten which happens at the end of the movie. But i got two words for you i. I don't wanna spoil anything because although it did like seventy eight million dollars or something this weekend. So it's a gigantic movie but car. Magnus car magnets are fantastic. Gigantic magnets that can suck in a car. You that's not a spoiler. It's it's in the trailer. It's it's in the trailer but it is a fun. Movie is fun go back. I actually went twice this weekend. I went to the actual theater twice. Correct this one is not streaming. You have to go to so fast we all right. Tell me about that. People wearing mass inside the theatre or no no. No nobody wearing masks. No nobody wearing a mask. The staff was all wearing masks. Like social distancing or no no for was with year the theaters completely. Full no no they were. I think people are coming to the movies. Go very slowly. Although i i saw the movie at the landmark which is generally kind of an art house they happen to be playing f nine so i don't think the landmark crowd was especially rushing out to see vin diesel about the family. I don't think that was necessarily their thing. So i am sure there were full theaters of did seventy million. There were full theaters somewhere in america this weekend. And i you know what. I've i've come around to the fact that i think movie theaters are make it. Movie theaters are going to right now. Here's a question which one of the one of the big theater chains went bankrupt right. So like the arc light. That's by me is still closed correct. And they're not reopening really. Yeah they're not reopening. Somebody else will have to step in and take over that. I know you you're dan manhattan. Beach called arclight beach. Cities are culver. City closed arclight. Hollywood closed with the cinerama dome. Hopefully that will reopen. But no that chain went belly up during the pandemic. And i understand why but you know what people are going to go back. I mean there were groups of there was a group of probably twenty people at the fast and furious screening on saturday that i went to mean you know all this talk about the world is going to be completely different on the other side. I'm starting to think the world is going to all exaggerated that the world is actually going to go back to being kind to exactly like it was before we thought we'd still be wearing masks like in two year old. We'll always wear masks like in the future. I think people are still going to wear masks on planes. Yeah i'll wear one on a plane. Our when i none of us were require me. You might as well not catch a cold or whatever i mean. It seems like it's it seems like it's a reasonable thing but i'm not wearing a mask the rest of the time. I mean there are still people. I went and hid at the driving range yesterday. And there's still people wearing masks out there. I'm like it's out. I assume if you're wearing a mask that you weren't vaccinated if you're wearing a mask. I'm on the assumption that you're not vaccinated because everywhere it says you're allowed to skip the mask if you have been vaccinated so when i see a mask i think maybe that person didn't get their shots or maybe they're one shot or something like that. So yeah now. I i think the world is coming back in a real and meaningful way and i don't think all the things we expected to change are necessarily going to change. Do you I think there is going to be after-effects. Tell me what the difference is like. I'm been to a bar yet if you No but i'm not a big bar or been to indoor restaurants abundance anyone sitting at the bar when you're at the restaurant trying to think no not just sitting at a binding i think bars are a casualty of the pandemic. Now that doesn't mean they won't eventually come back but they're just not back yet. I i've got friends in west hollywood. Who saying you know. It was big pride weekend. Bars were full. Bars were full in west. Hollywood the because it was pride weekend. So yeah i mean i i feel like i feel like it's it's like summer for real. It's like it's officially summer in the world is open backup and it's the roaring twenties here. We go it's gonna be wild everybody's going out and seeing everybody yesterday don tony. I went to the dry bridge. S another stroke now down to determine.

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