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I think there's you know what happens to you. Know one coaching position. In how much they learn that. That -sition is one thing but when they do go out there on special teams and make things happen. You know i could remember it was. Sean constantly made a lot of place blocks. You know punts for touchdowns for a couple of times. He's doing that. Bob sanders making a big hit against michigan state and obviously you know where his career went. There's there's opportunities there and in special teams as part of the football games and when you know you can go out there. And i think they get more comfortable when they've been out there playing on those things and maybe not be responsible for exactly what we do on defense but out there and make a play on special teams gives them a little bit of confidence like hey i can go out and tackle these guys that are carrying the ball or you know trying to defend something. I think that that's what gives them a little bit more of a more confidence and then helps me out a little bit to say. Yeah i can watch out there and actually competing does. The big thing is about competing. Are you competing not compete competing and you know. Some guys wilder their plan. But they're not really playing at the highest level that they can play as coaches. We wanna make sure that they can play at their highest level. And are they doing and you can see that sometimes special teams. Hey this guy's really really good job and you can see that with terry. That's it was obvious if you look this watching say god. That was an impact on special things studying the game. And that's or refer defensive you've dunk size that over the years. I remember talking to.

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