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In the game because you know when you get something for free, don't value when you spend money and you start listening to people and finding people who are successful success leaves clues, find the people you want to follow following them in for me I found a couple of mentors in real estate space and it was it was a huge help from US massive massive education for me. I love this and here's why because I've already admitted to my audience many times I'm probably not the smartest guy makes and I rarely want to be the smartest guy in the room but here's what I'm really good at. Here's one thing I'm passionate about learning I love to learn and so so what happens when I get interested in something whether it's a business idea or it's a hobby or whatever it is I literally throw myself head first into it and I just immersed myself I read. Every book I had talked to every person who's an expert I hire people. If that's the direction, we're going to two full time and accelerate the learning curve, and so I totally agree in when I get questioned a lot of people say dentist you know, Hey, you've done over two hundred dollars is an entrepreneur got all these successful busy vetted multiple accidents. Now say what's the secret six asked the secret if there is a secret, there is no secret but if there was one, it's being lifelong student. And, investing in learning personally I've invested well over a hundred thousand dollars in personal development for myself over a twenty five year career not to say that everybody has to do that. But for me I did it. You know and look at the results, the results and Ben huge return on investment and it sounds to me like you have a similar mindset. Yeah. I'd like to answer that done is better than perfect. Just done is better than perfect. This is the point where you just gotTa. Get in. You gotta get a you gotta get your hands dirty and look at everyone who's successful out there whether it's tiger woods whether it's Tony Robbins they all have coaches they all have mentors because Tony Robbins you know anything about business. He was all about personal development. How do you think he scaled the business? He learned from someone also if he can hire coaches and learn you think Denison Gino can do that I think. So yeah for sure hundred percent. All right. So number two was massive education number three. Threes all taking Action Education Times action equals results in any space. We truly believe that. So I'll give you couple action steps that we do in in in real estate, and then I can transition it into action steps that I did with Marilyn cub businesses the first one with real estate networking. You GotTa go to events you gotta start partnering with people whether it's a meet up whether you're talking. On podcast, you just have to go out there and start meeting people. Second thing we have to figure out a market selection, where are you investing your money selecting market? Right. The next one is underwriting deals learn how to analyze these deals, go to classes and learn how to do that. The next one robbery torch. You need to go look at properties you need to go out there in this space. Right, now when you're doing action, you need to start identifying with the person you want to become. If you want to become a computer guy you better identifying as a computer person if you start becoming a multifamily, you need to start identifying as a multifamily investor and this for me was difficult 'cause I was still stuck in the W. Two slash small business of being restaurant owner at a pizza guy. Add the sauce stains in thinking I, don't really feel like a multifamily investor, but once I started identifying and how did they do that? We actually started a podcast we wrote a book we started buying deals. That's how he start identifying by taking those actions that typical multifamily real estate investor does. So look at the niche that urine look at the business at urine you need some identifying as the person. In that business star quitting an offers and this is really gonNA get rejections and it's Ok with rejections because like I said, Don, is better than perfect and also commit and then figure it out. That's an another quality of an entrepreneur of a multifamily investor. You can eat commit to it, and then you will figure it out with that nasty with that hard work and with the clarity of knowing. Why you're doing something, those actions will become easier and easier. Yeah. There's an old saying if you wait for all the lights to turn green before he had to work in the morning, you're always going to be late, right so education is important but they'll come a point where you have your spending too much time. So educate yourself and then put yourself put a deadline they're keep yourself accountable to actually. Start taking action I think that's great advice. A number three was take action number four goal for the real estate space number four is biographers deal for me number four when I started. Gino's family was a nice little education company that first one is maybe sell your first copy of your book or Sell Your First Micros whatever it is that I that I thought were like, wow, this can be a. Real. Business I'm starting to monetize in for us that I deal we bought eighteen months. So multifamily real estate the runways a lot longer for anyone out there who's selling education on space it can be a lot quicker but for me jake buying that I deal eighteen months was tough but we bought that I deal and we looked at our space as landlord ing right and I think that's a of. Small Business owners do they don't look at as a business they look at it as more of a job like when I was the restaurant I id look at as the e myth as trying to build a business I'm like, wow, I bought my first deal I'm in let me start getting cash flow and would care about any benefits because I don't know what any of the benefits are. I'm just making a little bit of money here. You're not thinking outside the box you're just thinking small right now but you need this you. Need to step right now because is a saying in real estate you either by zero deals are you buy multiple deals you don't just buy one deal and once you buy that I deal you become ill junk you like I can do this by then I deal is crucial. There's a lot of people who stop for that I getting that I deal is crucial and in this step right here Dennis number four it's what we call the I`Ma Mentality Ahmadou this I'm do that and there's nothing wrong in the beginning can't tell your Italian I try to hide it but at some. Genome. Pretty. Screwed. Right. So. Anyway. But this is the mentality you need to do this in the beginning because we know how to property manage. We know how to speak the tenants. We do not underwrite deals. We know how to take care of our properties you need to learn how to do this. So at this inflection point when you get to the next inflection point you can. Start thinking about hiring out to do this. It's called the bootstrap phase. We love the Bush, this phase, and this is restart and everyone out there starting a business. What it is, you're doing your meetings, your energy, your own podcast, right? You got the lighting on your you're doing your own videos. This is the the phase right now where you're into it. You're enjoying it. You're learning it but what it can be grueling at times because it's twenty four seven right now and you're learning stuff and it can be uncomfortable getting out of your comfort zone. Is All about that his face yeah and if you're not in real estate would have good parallel be made is where you start getting your first few customers. And you start to learn how to deliver and you get a much better product market fit of that. Yes. Start having. You know you start understanding the value maybe your understanding whether you're underpriced or overpriced. You're really starting to understand.

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