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Yes his motivation was because he was looking at isis propaganda they did not to the best of my knowledge in what is reported do not have solid connections of him coordinating it or planning it with isis i mean he barely planned it at all he hooked up pulse nightclub in our before he did attack so but at i to me that's not that material it's still definitely terrorism and definitely because of this particular political costs okay now just look at a great job here in in talking to people in the community in covering the trial and you could tell in our reporting and we'll have the link to the article down below but she talked to some person there and i don't wanna pick it on them too much but it is a little bit disturbing terms of how all size these days are viewing a different stories so let me give you the port she says during the trial i spoke to one lgbt community leader there who said he would always know in his heart the mid teen pick pulse to kill gay people and that salman knew of his plans that's his wife no amount of evidence would change his mind he said i don't want to live in that world i don't wanna live in a world where a we don't care about bevis and that we nor facts and that we just go to what is convenient for us or what we already believed regardless of the facts no for god's sake for everyone sake for reasons sake yes you should care about the evidence you should care about the facts and if you got something wrong you should be clear about that in corrected and if your previous.

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