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Season in the NFL team may loves this player while team B. took that guy off the draft board the giants reportedly flirting with Oregon QB Justin Herbert even though they're married to Daniel Jones but then there's Niners GM John Lynch B. and all sorts honest I'm comfortable saying that yeah we we have you know we're we're currently and we will right up to the draft let people know their scenarios where we're gonna be open in both at both of those fix to moving back it I mean it's it's our it's out there for everyone to see the Niners have pics thirteen and thirty one on Thursday night but then nothing in rounds two three or four so Lynch wants to fix that by moving at least one of those first rounders the dolphins now said to be targeting two would talk about what we're not offensive tackle at number five and Jerry Judy and C. D. lamb apparently in a virtual battle to be the first wide receiver off the board three tonight jags defensive end Jana can gawk way really angry that he is still Jaguars defensive and Jana can gawk way he upped the ante social media trade demands yesterday by calling owner shad Khan son Tony a clown Tony smartly replied I think it was smart that in god we was definitely helping his trade value by doom calling in public and got quite has the franchise tag but does not want to be a jaguar anymore other owners can't wait to trade for the guy that will eventually call the clown on Twitter okay he also called them so mo MOE and I don't know what that means yeah I'm I'm free that it's not nice at all like yeah his inference there was that it would save a compliment yeah and it was just as Tony Kahn smartly pointed out the card better ways for the seventh or eighth time to make your public trade demands you could do a little more polite we're not all and maybe you get your wish and don't forget that at one point there was a I think was a five year deal the annual average value was nineteen million dollars on the table and he's not we said no to that Tom Laughlin said no more talking and now here we are I beating Gach way is gonna be kicking himself with a nineteen million dollar a year deal on the table he said no and now what nobody is looking to trade for him and apparently the market is not great for him in terms of trading yanks MLBPA head Tony Clark says negotiation is over when it comes to even more pay cuts for players if games are played without fans the union says last month's agreement with the leak covers all scenarios so there is no need to re work anything the Yankees Dodgers Mets and nationals not among the teams that have promised to pay baseball operations staff to at least may thirty first more than half of the league teams have reportedly made this pledge Marlins CEO Derek Jeter is not taking a paycheck for now no Mets fans definitely want the will plans to sell the team but do they want them to sell it to A. rod and J. lo Merrick his favorite apple has reportedly Riddick as reported retained JP Morgan chase to raise some capital for a possible purchase okay Peter body why do you want the match to be sold to A. rod and J. lo because it won't be joyful pond so you'll take anybody but Jeff at this point I will it's time to move on time to do something else well I think we can all agree on that but I mean wouldn't you say that almost anybody watch A. rod and J. lo would give you more confidence buying the team it was not going to be in Jeff will pots name anymore Hey Ron jail are very successful at what they do so I I think they need to be I think that will help the Mets get back to some sort of relevancy in terms of attracting free agents bring in the best talent they have with him well they they just have to spend money to do that I mean I don't think that they need the celebrity of J. lo to sign free agents so they just need to open up the purse strings I do need to open up the purse strings but they need a different culture they need to change and I think this is perfect for them I would love to see the paintings of a ride as a send tore all around Citi field I got I'll take what I call him to the bill hope the beds at the level of my bedroom with a lot of here or is there a would a ride still do Sunday night baseball as Mets owner or is that too much I think I think that would probably preclude him from that job and so they've got master should have a job to yes yes light doesn't look across the bay yeah right yeah Xiapi and Booker McFarland on your son and I pay for login bug so Tim Floyd was on the radio yesterday after the debut of the last dance Floyd said Jerry Krause wanted to blow up the bulls a year earlier than the documentary says he flew to Seattle during the ninety five ninety six season to meet with Jerry Reinsdorf Floyd says he told Reinsdorf that breaking up the bulls was a terrible idea and their rights to have had him tell crowds that a little later on but of course we did become the bulls coach and went forty nine and one ninety bar citing early in year four forty nine and one ninety he lost almost what was it four times as many times as you want he's a hundred and fifty games under five hundred for his NBA career and Tim Floyd was successful Iowa state then went to the polls then ended up with the Hornets people forget for one season garbage that ended up at USC garbage that ended up a you tap as well and now it's been out of coaching for a couple of years at least I think you tap was his first job when he was in the garage yes that was that we went to kind of cyclical and by the way to take nothing away from Tim Floyd that not that next bulls team after the break up was it embarrass all my goodness they went from the greatest modern dynasty two one of the three worst teams in basketball which just goes to show you J. Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf ego to think they could just replicate the success even without Jordan Pippin Phil Jackson was such a joke that there I hope that they address that to the documentary that those two guys were on an island thinking that they can actually replicate success without those guys white also one Horton wait till January I know was a lock up a week till January to retire that seems a little messed up what after so the ninety eight finals right after the ninety eight finals they go through whatever was the lock out it should be a short season he doesn't retire I guess I feel resurgence you mental January right before the season's gonna start I mean why not wait until I want to do it over the summer I don't know maybe we can get some insight on that with the documentary maybe you just try to stick it to the cherries probably but that that next bulls team for the record still had Ron Harper and Tony crew coach and bill Wennington the rest of the team was Brent Barry Corey Benjamin Keith booth Corey Kolar rusty larue Dickey Simpkins that actually sounds like rise as young guns flag football tax rusty larue did play corner of the room still available our college hoops Virginia Tech small forward landers Knollys transferring to Memphis in VC you leading scorer Marcus Santos Silva is transferring a few weeks declaring for the NBA draft Santos Silva averaged nearly thirteen points and nine boards is a junior and Louisville athletics says it needs to cut fifteen million dollars out of its budget some employees are getting furloughed other budget cuts are coming AD Vince Tyra other senior staff and coaches have already taken ten percent pay cuts and now boys let's be star pride it doesn't take much to surprise this bouncing baby boy the most on being on the show to a news show is to a new three years ago a New York couple on vacation having dinner in a wonderful place called coconuts in Lauderdale now somehow the man's wedding ring finger I'm sure you have I fell off his fingers through the wooden floor boards of the restaurant's patio I guess they look forward couldn't find it assumed it was gone forever fast forward to now coconuts is only doing take out and deliveries the decided to do some work on that patio since no one was using it when the boards came up they found a gold queen hundred dollar bills other nonsense and a wedding ring with the inscription it might be so nice they put they.

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