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Eight. Got a I've been listening for chick. The man I bring to the table. Now, you've taken over you just doing over anything. But I did get a kick out of this particular thing. I saw this. I didn't even know about this guy until I saw the piece. Yeah. This is the guys very highly praised. And he's back. He's behind a lot of the Neo con stuff in potential hates him. And so I notice that went Pacek hate somebody who's had a run with them. And after the guy dies or whatever it is. But change just goes after him. And I'm reminded there was a scene in the last season of Berlin station, which was taken off the air. Yeah. It was probably too good. And the guy was one of the expo. Is when I did have a clip of this play it on the show. What's does expo gonna do podcast? Give pie caster. Right. I think that was Madam secretary was a different guy. But it was a same. This guy was the spook who decides to start doing a podcast and he's yak in about stuff. He shouldn't be acting about. Then eventually, they're worried sick. So you're you're acquainting to that to a former spook. Waiting for genyk to being an expert. That's doing a podcast now. He's a current. On the experts doing he's I don't think he is an ex anything who knows. Who knows he's a handler and enjoy very much for this very I think he's fascinating because he really shoots from the hippy brings a lot of nasty nasty. He's got a lot of nastiness. And I do know he's spoken about the didn't ring a bell them. But when I in one of our phone calls, he mentioned this guy. And I think this this guy. Well, see if you have that in the clip, and I'll tell you all the whole thing, it's Pacek. Maybe there's something to cut out. But this is Channing talking about the death of very famous diplomat character Andy Marshall, and I think what pajamas off was the funding opet that the Wall Street Journal gave this guy. And so, but Channing in his normal way has to set the record straight man, whom I know, and you know, nothing about his name's Andrew Marshall. He was the director of the office of nets Cessna, it all sounds very fans, but threes and on bringing up because he is the father of the Neo cons and the. Implementer in strategist for nine eleven the false flag. And the man who sent aren't telling the CIA in military into harm's way. Iraq. Let me talk about Andy Marshall indie Marshall was ninety seven when he died a few weeks ago. And the Wall Street Journal wrote about how great in American he was he wrote papers on strategic warfare. And he was one of our great thinkers nothing could be further from the truth. Could there because this is the point that you think we should play anymore of this atom? Yeah. I think we should this is very enjoyable. It's it's you're right. Even if it wasn't about spooks. It's just interesting that guy has no qualms whatsoever. Cutting down a guy just died. Yeah. Speak ill of the dead heartless heartless. And that's that's what we need are spook division to be heartless. Yes, I like spooks do this just as factual, ma'am, nothing else. I knew indie Marschall exceedingly. Well, when I was attended, however MIT I left and got into became the DASS for several ministrations as you all know, Henry Kissinger in Andy Marshall, very close Nixon had appointed Andy Marshall a man who never served in World War Two. Let me repeat it again. He never served in World War Two refuse to separate. He had a heart murmur. He could have served in the Korean war. He could have them the non when he said in any war he wanted to. But he claimed the a heart murmur, and he was not allowed to come into the draft. I thought that was nonsense, and I told Andy this, but Andy had a propensity for creating tapers that always declared that we Americans have to go to war and be number one. That's how we let the Neo cons in nineteen ninety. To Andy had a point is only Hollis Wolfowitz, Richard Perle Cheney Bush and runs fell as the key. Pri leaders in the Neo conservative movement. Meaning that we America head to be number one and Israel would be a co partner, and we would be involved in wars around the world to make sure that we stabilized and unified the world. Well, you saw what happened in Iraq? You saw would happen in Vietnam. You saw what happened tamales, Dan? This was all the product of eighty Marshall. I didn't like Andy Marshall a new that. You don't say. Team captain obvious. Now. That's yeah. He's a true. He's a Genesis of of the Neo cons who brought so much despair and death in hardness, even if this was as they couldn't do it. These guys were incompetent boobs. So let's play. Let's play him out. The reason I didn't like them. I found him to be a slimy. I sound found him to be stupid. I said to him. I don't think that your papers at the rain corporation where anything significant I think you were Machiavellian vigil who basically filleted it everybody above him. So we get into power how powerful he was exceedingly powerful because you never heard of that office Neta Cessna. Let me tell you. What happened when I met him? I said handy, not only do I not respect you. But I'm warning you that I have monitored you since the day, you left Nixon in. I've learned very well from us sources and the monitoring we had on you, Andy. Up to the point of nine eleven and then beyond that, you were deeply involved with the most. In fact, he was so deeply involved with the most I have to deal with certain sat operatives and sent them to prison and others. I made sure that they never functioned again. And that warned any Marshall a year before nine eleven as I walked through DOD. I saw the CIA takeover key positions. I saw five being put into position a man who had no quite credibility in our system. Wolfowitz Zalmay Hollas at a slimy Afghan who still right now doing negotiations, and if ghanistan, but he was the one that created the worn if ghanistan we have John Bolton a slimy. Little man who's in the White House. We have Elliot Abrams who I almost killed literally because he had gone against my own people in Panama and elsewhere. And then we had at the several others came back when I said to Andy was the following you in any way harm our country or you. Deal with our military. He will pay heavily for that problem. In fact, what did happen military intelligence monitored me, I'm minded than so let me quote, Andrew Johnson who said the fouling disunity within America is treason, but let me call John Wilkes booth sex Semple Toronto's thus always with tyrant towered in a tyrant was Andy Marshall good night. Good luck. How you really feel? You know, he's told me the Elliot Abrams story. Elliot Abrams is the guy who's currently doing Venezuela coup the guy Elliot Abrams say yes, he said he he nearly killed him. And the reason why Elliot Abrams had exposed several spies that Pacelli was running. I'm I'm paraphrasing along conversation and these spies were nuns, and he had them killed this. Andy Marshall had the nuns killed. Really? Yeah. The thing under the troll room. And yeah, there's a lar- about half the people like disparate jenex bullshit is you can't you should take a look at his bio on the wicked really. Yeah. You can't really deny his official credentials, and I'm just I think he's a gift. Gift to the podcast. He he is very disappointing. At least he must. He doesn't care. He just getting this stuff out. Yeah. But he he only has about twenty thousand views on any one of his little bits that he does. He does wanna week when every couple of days every once in a while he just and his wife comes up says that it's very funny thing to watch. It's not as over four million views of my Barney. Robots singing, and I love you. You love me yet. No, that's it's it's four million views of Barney owned by some guy. That's that's the video. It's not your your Barney video. Barney video this video of the Barney, I own nobody compete with Barney man, that's that's unfair million views it he gets twenty thousand for telling us really cool stuff within. I mean, I by the way, you can tell the chat room to troll room. I don't blame them for feeling this way. Because I it's just very like. Wow. It's hard to vary. Like, wow. What did you just saying? I mean stuff is. So it's so inside baseball behind the curtain stuff, then it's unrehearsed unrehearsed unscripted and it flows right out of him. And if you sit there, and you we we did a special with him, we do hour-long special show if you listen to them, and you're just googling being Wikipedia everything he says all the names all the dates the occurrences. It's it's as if we pedia is running in his head. I think he's the real deal. And you know, who the hell would even care what even care to say. This about Andrew Marshall Koo Koo no one exactly he sounds pretty real to me. Just because that was so heavy John. We need a little transition before we go into our into our second donation segment here. Yeah. Just to just take a breather. I got plenty of that on. Well, I have Maxine Waters with your Steve Mnuchin, you Maxine is now the chairwoman of the financial oversight committee is this this this the one I wanted to have a couple of shows ago. Yeah. Well, I haven't now. I have it. We'll just play a little bit. This. I think he's been there for a long time. Of course. It's all annoying said beforehand like I gotta go. I got someone waiting, and it's just it's just listening to Maxine and him go back and forth. Just kind of. I don't know. It's just it's a nice nice for the pallet, Mr. secretary. If I may you had indicated that you would like to have a press conference in this room following I'm gonna cancel that. I don't have time for that. That's what I was going to ask you if you would. Instead of having the press conference continue with those members who have been waiting here for so long. And I think what I thought I written only heard was factored eighty rather than five fifteen. So is it possible? You could give us fifteen minutes to get to a foreign leader waiting in my office at five thirty. Okay. I agreed to stay longer. It will be embarrassing. If I keep this person waiting for long periods. I wasn't ever press conference. I was gonna shoot Mnuchin. Also sounds like total dicked.

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