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Pounds and dead lifted seven hundred sixty six pounds that was in multi powerlifting back when that was the only thing on scene. I then have sense kind of moved on to do some other things. I also before I retired from power thing. I benchpress five hundred seventy eight pounds raw in competition at two seventy five and I also bench press five forty five in this too. Hundred forty two pound weight class. Those are things that I bring up because I think it's important that you guys know that I have done some stuff before I have put up points on the scoreboard before. And just kind of let you guys know who I am. I'm a dad I have two children, my son my son, Jake, who's fourteen. I daughter Quinn who's eleven and my beautiful wife. Andy, we live in Davis, California and have a wonderful home there. And I love the area it's beautiful area. And you know, I'm just happy to come in here. And do this every day and the stuff that I'm trying to share with you guys is only to try to help. That's that's the only mission behind any of it. And we may tell you about some sales. We may tell you to go to Mark both slingshot dot com for certain things because we we love promoting our company, it's what we work for what we work towards and it's what keeps the lights on this building. Makes this podcast possible. And which makes the gym here in west Sacramento, California free. And so, you know, I just I love being able to provide this for you guys being able to speak in such a long format. How people listen how people ask questions have people become fans of the show. In addition to being dad Jewish into edition being a powerlifter. I still I still powerlift. I still bench press squat dead lift I've kind of have a more recently did a bodybuilding show have no desire to another bodybuilding show anytime soon, but I'm staying in shape. I'm staying lean all was still powerlifting. I love a love lifting heavy weights. And I'll probably always I'll probably always wanna lift heavier than I should. And that's probably the way it's the way I'll be until the day. I I'm not here anymore. But in addition to some of those. Those things I've also written a book called the war on carbs. I'm also an author in addition to that I am a three-time patent-holder to patents on slingshot and another patent for niece leaves. So I am in my opinion more. So than anything else. I'm an inventor. That's one of the things that I always been drawn to been drawn to creation. I've always been drawn into making things and I love the challenge of business. And I love owning slingshot is a business, and there's some other things were about to get into coming up really soon, which I'm really excited about, but the main thing my main source of income is through the sale of slingshots, and and other products that help assist and guide you through your lifting because lifting his painful lifting has a high barrier of entry into it. And a lot of times. It's just not fun because you're in pain. And so I've created elbow sleeves and niece leaves and slingshots. The slingshots is. Supportive upper body device for bench press push ups and dips it helps alleviate pain in your shoulders and your elbows in your packs. If you ever tore a shoulder muscle, if you ever tour a rotator cuff, if you ever torn your tricep or hurt your elbow, or torn your pack. The slingshot is designed specifically for you by somebody that has torn his peck many times over so I love the challenge of business, and I love trying to make this company. More profitable trying to make this company..

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