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The principal targets have been members of the opposition the national congress for liberty former members of the tutsi dominated burundian armed forces returnees and some of their family members his commissioner francois's hamson speaking to journalists in geneva in all previous reports. We found that there was an organized campaign for the pope's of international criminal law against those elements of the civilian population. That was seen as or thought to be hostile to the government in power some of the violations that this year's reports detail seem to be a continuation of that policy commission noted that although the level of political violence in the great lakes nation decreased immediately after the twenty twenty elections which followed the death of former president pierre new currencies of the human rights situation remains dire. Katie dartford un news thanks to katie dot for the news and now to yemen where the war between government forces in the south and hit event position in the north is entering its seventh year. The human rights council in geneva the forums forty seven member states have been hearing about what this means in practice for ordinary yemenis. To tell us about this in more detail i spoke to dr audiences. He's one of three rites. Experts tasked by the council to deliver regular updates on the conflict. Here he is. Now the bottom line is that the group of experts believes that yemen and people are being forgotten by the international community. We've entitled this year's report and nation abandoned the call to humanity to end the suffering. The parties to the conflict have been unable or on willing to arrive at an inclusive sustainable peace and what that means is that the international community needs to step in and garner up and political will to to press the parties to do so without the We were afraid that this war is going to continue to ravage the people of yemen in ways that that may even be worse than than we've seen up until now let's remind ourselves what's been going on in the country years of strikes and shelling and on that point you say that the coalition saudi led coalition is continuing to take a heavy toll on the civilian population failing to abide by the principles of distinction proportionality and precautions in attack to prevent civilians and civilian objects. So how are you going to push for. Change this time this next year. Yes you're absolutely correct. In your assessment there we have not seen any if you like positive. Developments in respect of the impact of the war on on the people of yemen and that includes disproportionate attacks that includes violations of international humanitarian law. Human rights law as you mentioned the bombardment of areas across yemen weather from air even shelling all parties to the conflict in our assessment have an throughout the period of our mandates including this most recent one have committed violations of international humanitarian law. Human rights law some of which may amount to war crimes. You touched upon principles of proportionality distinction precautions in attack these basic principles of international humanitarian. The are being violated based on the information before us. And so you ask the question. What do we urge the international community to do well. In the first instance we don't even begin with the international community would expect that the parties to the conflict would cease and desist in their actions. But it's clear. The patterns of conduct are assisting in the absence of any real substantial consequences being brought to bear on them. The international community must step in..

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