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Stations called Katie. See you. I'm gonna get a positive shout out right now. Tremendous tunes 24 7 I had in my car 87. No. I literally had my through my phone app that what into the into the car. I little I look cracked. Katie's hails from nine hours. What about your boys? No more friend Mac Love on the drive somewhere through the Amish country, he couldn't get a little emotional. You should have done that. You know, maybe guilty. You know, it's all good. You giving you some of the some indie rock mark that we're giving you what I will do is on my drive back. Merchant mackerel. Deano for you're the entirety of your show on the car the entire time. If you want to chat while I'm going across. Yes, please. Like somewhere in Pennsylvania. I want Amish country. I want Marky Mark from Amish country. It's right. Yeah. You know what? I probably I gotta tell you this and I did. And I had this child on my phone. Of course. I've got a 1,000,000 songs. Many explain scenes we had, you know. Yeah, And it was it was my literally looked forward to the entire trip. Crank live. We'll live version the Youngstown as I was driving, flew young count with that with that with that with my my, Uh Ah, uh, kneels walking, so going bonkers goes bang, And it's one of my favorites of all time. Yeah, I little guy listen four times. I just kept hitting repeat all the way through. Tremendous. It's like a totally different tune right there. It's like, totally heavy with the guitar. Yeah, yeah, Nickel And you know what, my and rental I had, which is a big, burly DNC. Um, SUV radio on that thing happen to go to 11? Yeah, course. Right, By the way, just kind of keep it on the local flavor there, So no Frank. Pepe, no pizza obviously know. Sally's know Nothing. But what? Polly doesn't know this mark. I don't believe But Muirfield Village, Jack Nicklaus's memorial tournament, which is obviously legendary, because it's the Golden Bears tournament. I never got there. But Mark you tell Parliament the famous milkshakes cope up, Molly. The legendary apparently in whether or not it's just tastes better, because it's Jack Nicklaus's golf course. And Jack Nicklaus's tournament. Kind of like, you know, you know, like you like eating a pizza in New York tastes better in New York. Yeah, sure. Mark. Have you had one of the famous motion? Can you value here? Here is the interesting dynamic. We are not as the media when I say we are not allowed in the locker room, which wouldn't you know within this cove? It Era. Um, so I don't believe we could go in there because that's what a lot of notes in like a lounge players had, where they say they are your great job and any this part, it's partly because of where you are traditional stuff. Guys do a really great job and I don't I don't think that we're allowed in there because we are you know everything You know very great duck. You know, new age here so, but it is it is it. It's it's absolute tradition. And have you ever had one have you? Have you? Is this your first memorial or Oh, no, I've done Memorial. Probably 10 times. Yeah, it's have you ever has Joe LaCava ever snuck one out to you? You ever have one? So, Yeah, it's but it is a tradition working another. All right. There you go, man. Well, listen, It's good to know you're on the premises. It soothes us all. By the way. I'm I'm in a highly competitive golf pool, Get my brains beat in making the wrong pick every week. And here's my wrong pick this week, buddy. Now at this point, so far back, I gotta start taking the non obvious guys because I've got to try to make up ground. You know, one of those, you know, Because if I take, you know of everything, Take Bryson every take Justin Thomas. We can take more college. I'm coming on the backstretch with a little Victor Ho Volland. Love how you feel about that. What? He's plain, tremendous bad pick at all. Thank you. Great Pick, so there's a new market Polly needs Now There's a new generation rookies. Victor. Is it hopeful under Hovland where we're going with Dr Holland? Home country of somewhere in the Scandinavian region is the northern region or anyway, you know, I think there's no reason but he went to Oklahoma State. Yeah. Matthew Matthew, Matthew Wolf and Colin Morikawa three. But I remember when I was on the scene, and like, 001 and we all called him. The young guns was Aaron Battle Li and Charles Howell and all those guys who were coming up. None of them ever panned out with respect to battle, And now these guys already are panning out more than those guys were. They all have. At least they all released one win more cow. Just one second, you know? Yeah, Matthew Hope gotta win. Yeah, these guys around because they're not there long their heads. You know what else? Marc, They're not growing up getting their brains beaten by Tiger. Like poor defend, howling, battling in the sense that they came on the scene when Tiger was just just would nuclear destroying everything in sight. So so these guys came up and they could respect and love tiger because they grew up watching him, But they don't have to deal with him, you know? And Charles terms now of my favorite people in the game. I was one of my favorite. Any one of those capes respected interviews on any topic, right? I feel bad that you have the But you wouldn't listen to reason. You know what kind of stuff that guys one more money with letting anybody in Victoria's my many years of and it's amazing how the guy just keeps making cuts, getting talked twenties, but, you know, I think he's actually win in the career of Mama steak itself, and I've always wanted him to win it in a Justin Ated always wanted. You know, to see him when the Masters would be what the greatest things you know that tournament ever saw. In my opinion, it would be awesome. Quick. Google search I got Charles. I got Chucky trickles triple sticks with 39 million in career earnings. So there you go. How many wins wins. I don't even know but that'll buy you milk shakes. You don't mean so They have a lot of tics. Ah, by a lot of pizza. Well, the idea of you driving through Paul Simon's America heartens me. I'm having a blast in Youngstown and avoid time was too. Yes. Alright, my man. Hey, can't wait till you know you won't believe this. But the week of the PG If it's a long story, and I know we gotta go our way late on the clock. What do the week of the PGA Wi I may be out of town? It's unbelievable sitting. I know it. I don't even get me started. It's a long story until the later show out of jail. You'll be holding you and Polly can chat happens here in daily. Yeah, that's well. Studio. Come on in, dude, we'll roll it out that day. As long as you bring that American Airlines pilot with you all right. Oh, my God. Hold on. Be pullin ass down. I gotta cough a few times. What do you think The mask is for? Dude, you should have been like, bro. That's why you gotta have the mask on. We can go. Go Enjoy. Mark can't wait to read you watch you. I looked for you behind the ropes next to tagger. Rory Brooks. Alright, we'll talk. We'll talk Monday about the victim often. Victory. Okay, buddy. Another man. Take care, Mark. See, Margie. Thanks, man. There is the best Marky Mark Cannizzaro can be are one of 45 and 6 80 The sports leader. You're listeningto Murph in Mac, Now on 1045 FM. This is K nd on the sports leader from the Chilton Auto Body Traffic.

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