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Church. Return to the nave and turn right. Walk back up the nave toward the gate when you reach the gate. Look immediately to the right. Find the third column with the gate attached on the column about ten feet. Above the ground is a plaque the plaque of rebuilding the saints defense is proud to be austria's national church the plaque celebrate. Saint stephen's legacy. It explains in german. How the church was rebuilt after world war two. Each region of austria is mentioned. Read along the. Bill was financed by the state of upper austria tour. The entrance portal was from steiermark. The windows were from tyrol the from arlberg the floor from lower austria and so on during world war. Two many of the city's top art treasures were stowed safely and sellers in salt mines. They were hidden by both the nazi occupiers to protect against war damage. End by citizens to protect against nazi lueders. Here at saint. Stephen's the stained glass windows. Behind the high altar were meticulously dismantled and packed away the precious pulpit was encased in a shell of brick the maria poach icon was stashed in the basement as the war was drawing to a close it appeared. Saint stephen's would escape major damage. But as the nazis were fleeing the bitter nazi commander in charge of the city ordered that the church destroyed fortunately his underlings disobeyed. Unfortunately the church caught fire during allied bombing. The wooden roof collapsed onto the stone. Vaults of the ceiling. Most of the clear glass windows of the nave were destroyed. They were replaced in the nineteen fifties by the tupperware colored glass. You see today but thankfully the church survived largely intact. That people vienna opened their wallets to rebuild their church to its former glory through. War's end time. That church remains a symbol of vienna. And it's proud people standing here at the center of this magnificent church. You're also the very center of vienna. We hope you've enjoyed this tour of saint stephen's cathedral. Thanks to jeanne. Openshaw the co author of this tour. If you're up for more sightseeing. Vienna audio guides. The vienna city walk starts just a few blocks away at the opera house. The ringstrasse at trump tour also starts from their remember. This tour was excerpted from the rick. Steves vienna guidebook for more details on eating sleeping and sightseeing and vienna referred to the most recent edition of that guidebook for more free audio tours in podcasts and for information about our guidebooks tv shows best tours and travel gear visit our website at rick. Steves dot com. This tour was produced by cedar house. Audio productions thanks al vita zane and goodbye for now..

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