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There's the, there's the question. Racism and there's the ridiculous over the top racism. The two sides of that, of course, Gillam who is a very progressive African American candidate and then there's the Santa's who was a Trump loving? Yeah, super hardcore right wing conservative, which I do believe is going to become an endangered species various soon. I think the Republican party is going to be the federalists they're going to fucking stop existing. Oh no. Oh, they're gonna. Outlive us all their crater. Lindsey, Graham will survive, but all the people who were the Trump wing of the of the party are going to die. No, they're going to completely take over the Republican party. Dies every single election, all that's it for them. And they always come roaring back something worse, but they they were able to throw Bush under the bus, but don't forget all the people who were the hardcore Bush Republicans. They weren't the ones who stayed then then became tea party. Bullshit. Neo cons did go. I'm saying there will be there might be a Republican party, but also what they did before is nowhere near the amount of trees and we're talking about now, I think the gym the the, like the the people. Jimmy Ordine like the McCain Republicans are going to die by knows. I. Exact opposite, I think is going to become the new leader of the party when this is all over. Now, that's just a liberal will wet dream. It's never gonna happen. The liberal wet dream is that they get completely decimated in the Democrats become the middle party in an emerging party comes on the left of that, but, oh, yeah. I mean, that's that would be I would. I would think that this ends with, I think people are a little too pessimistic about the real world coming back. I think I think a lot of people are worried that the real world is going to reassert itself, and I think it is. I don't think this is this is the forever now. Yeah, I agree. I think the reason Trump, I mean, don't people act like, yeah, hen versus Hillary was weird as fuck, but he also beat like sixteen Republicans on his way up there. And that's because nobody fucking likes those guys. Well, he was speaking to the people who were there. It was because the Republican party sought out the unhinged mentally ill, hateful aspect of the country and never expect that they would have a tipping point where they took over. They thought that they were going to be the useful idiots who they could just keep in tow. And then suddenly Trump grew out of that swamp. I agree with that, but I also think that the mainstream Republican, like their policies are not popular, no one was ever. Voted for them on its culture war? Yeah, it's always been culture war and like the Trump people have always been a bigger aspect of it. I also think that the supposedly respectable Republicans, probably if you get in behind and Democrats to, I'm sure, but getting behind closed doors will sound a lot more like Trump and then the rich people who may not while they get their tax cut. So it's a, it's a vibrant. It's a, it's a strong coalition. I think that's a coalition that could have survived forever. If Trump had not blown it up, I think Trump is ruining it for his own ego, and they all recognize that. And they're all just holding on the white knuckling this presidency hoping that there's a light and the light at the end of the rainbow was going to be when they are like, okay, how can we salvage our careers while condemning Trump after a really craters? It's going rate rather just not run again, then actually try to like salvage their careers by posing him because like all of these like mainstream Republicans, that kind of rode the wave like say, to Trump fill, they're all just like, you know, something I'm not going to run again. That's all. Enough. That's because it's an all in nothing statistic of whether or not Trump's endorsement helps you or hurt you. As time goes on, as the situation gets worse, it is going to hurt them in the second that happens. It's not going to be subtle always around the corner. It's always going to happen tomorrow. Idioms isn't done yet the. I mean, we have not seen any of the evidence behind it..

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